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Real heroes. Standing up for their rights and beliefs, and teaching their kids to do the same.

Liberty Demonstration with human resource #2 today. He used the GoPro to record his interaction with the sheeple.

We set up next to the Farmers Market, which was interesting. A broad spectrum of people, some of whom were hippies and organic farmers who agreed with us.

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And another gone, another one gone, another one bites the dust!

[Not that the masked idiots will acknowledge it]


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"She called her healthcare provider as well as the CDC. She says both told her they have never seen this before. They also told the new mom that, as a precaution, she should no longer breastfeed her three-week-old son."


This is sick. I'm disgusted at how they're now targeting kids as the spreaders of this disease.

This is from the "Unbiased Podcast" which is anything but.

There's nothing like looking at Facebook to realize the utter stupidity of the human race.

This athlete's mom is super proud of him. He's running in a mask. Outside. 🤔

Me: "Could you pull some beef out of the freezer? Enough for a couple dinners."

@shill "Sure honey."

This is the result.

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In case you are wondering, soda water, bourbon, and banana liqueur does NOT make a good drink.

Daily dose of cuteness: When homeschooling and cat ownership merge.

The cat is holding the page for the homeschooling that's happening on our couch. 😆

Every time he flips a page he tucks it under the cat's paw, and keeps reading.

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Someone want to interpret this study?

It says that people who've had Covid have a higher incidence of psychiatric or neurological disorders within six months.


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The mother of three who was arrested yesterday for not wearing a mask, has started a Facebook comment nightmare for the commie Port Townsend Food Co-op.

Leave some feedback if you please!


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14 mile day hike with Human Resource #1 today.

We hiked to the old Dosewallips Ranger Station, which used to be accessed via road, before landslides put an end to that. Fun to see what happens after a decade or two of disuse and disrepair.

This is our third time at this campground, but first time doing it as a day hike. Building up the endurance for big hiking plans this summer.

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