Moms brain surgery is tomorrow. Sending a to the universe to help guide a good result.

@MrTWatson my kids always have themselves muted so their principal couldn’t hear me call him a fat piece of shit with no friends who would never get anyone to give him a high five ever because he’s such a loser. Lol. I was pissed!

Anyone notice how they have shifted to now calling it corona virus? No more covid, its now corona. Kinda like global cooling, global warming and climate change. Slightly changing the name to fit the narrative

A race of explorers come across a planet lush with life, initial scans that the planet was once inhabited with an advanced species which had since gone extinct. The explorers search for any remains of the species and recreate the extinct species with their technology in order to find out what had happened to cause an advanced species to go extinct. These are the stories of earth. We are in the simulation. *mic drop, 🤯 *

Hahaha magine that.

@MrTWatson @Jellyfrog why stop at covid?

Zir your chip is reading testosterone levels above the legal limit. You’re under arrest for toxic masculinity.

Bill to ban coronavirus vaccine passports in the US introduced to Congress

"I am profoundly disturbed that the Biden Administration would even consider imposing vaccine passports on the American people. My private healthcare decisions—and yours—are nobody else’s business. Vaccine passports will not help our nation recover from COVID-19; instead, they will simply impose more Big Brother surveillance on our society," said Biggs.


What. The. Fuck.

Police: Suspect sets fire to apartment after shooting that killed 2, injured 1
There was also a 3-month-old baby that was at the shooting scene that had to be rescued by firefighters, according to D.C. Police. wife decided that shes going to get the shots...using the same excuse as others who are feel defeated. "I just want things to go back to normal" etc. and caved under peer pressure..this makes me sad, and scared for her.

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