Watching thomas and friends with my son. I heard thomas' whistle and immediately heard "ALL ABOARD! TRAINS GOOD PLANES BAD! WOO! WOO!"

Mad Maxine Waters Libeled Navy Vet As β€˜Dishonorably Discharged,’ Now She’s Losing In Court
Her Political Opponent May Turn Out To Be Her Worst Nightmare

@MrTWatson "I cannot, will not be a fag. I cannot, will not dress in drag. Please take note, there are girls and boys, and these young people are not your toys!"

From there to here from here to there, social justice is everywhere. say! look at these pests, they have no brains in their heads, their brains are gone, so gone they say, it was from exploded amygdalas by watching facebook all day.

@MrTWatson "I will go long with a fox! I will go long in a box! I will go long both here and there! I will go long everywhere!"

@MrTWatson @PawelK

"This man who are you are you have the mechanic and said all the art of the votes are counted, all the court, in fact, you said, first trial I won't meet you were all try the hair you from being manipulated and it clear.

I've received because he's telling you don't, don't trust the-"

- @bidenbot

β€œTrust the science” is one of the most un-scientific things you can say. If you cannot confront and question it, it is not science.

@neanderthalsnavel Do you see a BLACK fish here???!!!! I don't, you racist!!!
🀬 🀣

@MrTWatson @MountainJay @MrMaxPowers247 I've had a few neighbors that said they had covid and had to keep away.

I asked what symptoms they had. Each said no symptoms but the 'covid test' indicated they were positive.

I've stopped trying to educate people about the PCR system. They rather believe the idiots of the M5M than do a little research on their own.

@MountainJay @MrMaxPowers247 when my kids were sick with a cold/flu/whatever that they brought back from school, we didn't implement a quarantine. We took care of the kids - make sure they had their fluids, food and plenty of rest.

We didn't cower at one end of the house and instructed them to fend for themselves.

The bastard M5M, Fauci and other fear mongers are evil, greedy, people.

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