Finally got my stuff for my grow tent, transfered the sprouts over with the light, Now i can start to flower my CBDesiel plant. Already a 1.5 feet tall and the stock is as thick as a sharpie at the bottom

At the docs office. Talking to the nurse. She expressed her dissatisfaction with all the covid bullshit. Actually calls it bullshit. And acknowledges that shes vaxxed only to be able to travel. But is essepcially against mandatory vaccines and medical aparthide.

Norm was dealing with cancer for nearly a decade but never wanted the public to know because he didn't want you to feel sorry for him and give him pity laughs. He tried so hard to hide this that even his family didn't know.

only his producer knew he had cancer

This had me laughing more than i thought it would

Something about the "perry this you fucking casual" meme thats fucking great

NOOOOOOOO! Not Norm! Fuck, there goes a legend....

Babylon sisterrrrr shake it!

Say what you will about steely dan. Theyre tunes get stuck in your head easily

Tomorrow is the big day. Getting those white labcoat syndrome feelings again.

Not looking forward to go talk to the doctor. But im up against a wall.

My gal is red hot! Your gal aint doodily squat!🎶🎵🎶

I wonder if those who has branded themselves with pfizer/moderna vaccine tattoos have any regrets. Or will the walking vaxxpass keep adding every booster they take

My 1 year and 9 month old son had great taste in shows. I had a south park clip scroll by, he wanted that one to play, so i played it. Once it was done he said "more!"

Thats my boy!

Ivermectin has been effectively banned in australia now.

Down Under has never looked worse.

Can we sue the government for coeersion? Since its against the charter of rights and freedoms? Oh yeah, nvm, thr government can take those away as they see fit...

Well nova scotia is not requiring a vaxxpass to go do anything. Way to go CPC. Youre just like the libs
Theyre doing some slimmy shit too. Theyre not calling it a vaxx passport because of legality shit. Theyre calling it a vaccination certificate. Or some shit like that. the wife n i had a heated talk over this she has no issue with it. While i do. She gets where im coming from, knows i absolutely hate being told what to do. But wishes i would get the jabs so we can do shit as a family.

It would be a great day to see the PPC pull a trump move and win the canadian election
It would be a great day for canada and, therefore, the world.

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