My fellow Canadians, Has anyone seen this wierd commercial about “DNA matters” for BIPOC individuals? I’m not even sure what it’s about, if it’s about health care, or organ donation. It’s really wierd though, only caught it once when my wife was watching master chef.

ITM, Just saw a capital one commercial which asks something like “what do you see when you look at yourself, in your own place, with your own groceries”. And they show this woman who is in an apartment, and here’s the kicker, her groceries are a cupboard full of…..Mac n cheese!😂. Capital one….what’s in your wallet?

One more week and I’m off to New Brunswick. Gonna feel good to go back home after 5 years.

Here at hwhite point beach, Beautiful spot, although the water will make your legs cramp. Totally worth it though

Well *knock on wood*. So far. Only the wife has the coof, so far I have not. I’m double jabbed, she’s triple. I’m gonna assume that the shots I had are completely out of my system since my last one was in October. I hope anyway. She feels better, but still short of breath/tired and full of snot in the morning but over all she’s fine. She said it’s a wierd cold, but nothing like the hype

I'm not really into at but here is father protecting his family from buzz lightyear trying to turn them gay.

Well the wife caught the coof, said her test line was darker than the reference.

Except the "democracy" word...

... it's a republic.

[liberated from twttr]

Biden comes out of hiding and tells people to get shots, Yay…sure. Cause that’s just turning out great for you eh joe. Gooooo fuck yourself!

It’s funny when you make a case as to why you should be able to do (X) to your boss. And by doing (X) it would help keep all the bullshit down and improve the company. And yet, your points get shut down for the basic reason of “because I said no, and I’m not changing my mind” Don’t worry, I’ll remember that when shit goes off the rails.

I hate forced vacations. Oops sorry I mean plant wide shutdowns.

GOOD! Businesses should ABSOLUTELY be allowed to carry to protect their property and their own lives. Good on these guys.

NY Department Of Health Commissioner Tries To Justify Falsifying Pediatric Covid 19 Hospital Admissions

By Claiming It Was Done To Motivate Pediatricians And Families To Seek Vaccination.

(Could be Playback Muppetshow, I do no nothing, can not see her lips move ...)

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