@MrMaxPowers247 Just started reading through her twitter.. 2020 red-pill'ed her hard it looks like.

@MrMaxPowers247 She must be doing something right, you pic on 4/3 has 2200 followers today it's 4400 and it's only 2 days later? wow

@MrMaxPowers247 I like her tweets, but it's kinda taking over my timeline she does so much.

I will also contribute some archiving to this thread before she is inevitably yeeted. Also, if anyone still has a twitter account and wants to work together to bring her to the Fediverse, I have a twitter account as well and we can work together.

She is already being recruited for patriots.win https://twitter.com/elninoleone/status/1379172835697033216

I am not religious but I think the metaphors and archetypes of her story are interesting. Especially “We cannot see what is happening of our own wisdom.” But also “Anyone can ask.”

@BillHartnett @MrMaxPowers247 @hogihung

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