I want that.😀 Any idea who sells and ships to EUSSR too?

@Wyliesau I have just been to lazy to actually do it but the answer is 1 way mirrored tint on the face shields. A big F U to everyone! You want me to wear a mask then you get a real mask that you don't get to see my face at all. I have an extra face shield too, I just need to apply the mirror tint and then it's off to Wally world for great reactions

@Wyliesau @MrMaxPowers247

“Herta recognises that in general people can sometimes be afraid of being exposed to face recognition systems, in the belief that they are a part of some kind of malicious Orwellian style conspiracy. However, Herta argues the exact opposite,..”

Oh OK. Hey, our technological dystopia is actually fine guys 👍

@fluffy Her response would hopefully be "Go Fuck Yourself" or at least that's what I say when asked

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