The killer snail that has Tampa in quarantine ■ What is rat lung-worm and why should you avoid it? ■ Why is Cory’s Snail Death now called Cory’s Snail Killer? ■ The breakfast cereal that may give you diabetes ■ Larry’s immortal fish ■ Ingredients you eat that are used in jet fuel

Haha feeling cute, might blow up masonic monuments later idk

Gov. Gavin Newsom reveals his whereabouts- CalMatters

Gavin Newsom is vacationing in Montana after imposing California’s Travel Ban

If the dutch rebellion got honest/any media coverage, this is what it would say

Made a nice little tomato sauce with some romas. Sautee'd them down in butter and a bit of broth. Added garlic, onion, paprika, bay leaf and oregano. Thing is I chucked in a small handful of raisins.

They plumped up and are a real nice point of interest when eating.

If you like sweet on your pizza, or pineapple, you'd enjoy it.

Q: Why did the guy blow up the Georgia Guidestones?

A: Coz people took them for granite!

@GMOdysseys I need more Q-tards in my feed so I can keep up with their continual failing hopes and dreams

@asdfhjkl any kind of stocking up only make sense if you can turn your house into a small fortress. When shit really hits the fan and thus you will really need those supplies, people without supplies (that'd be the majority of the population) will ransack your storage otherwise. That's the reality of it. Get reliable hunting gear and get comfortable shooting things. Prolly way better option. Just my thoughts on the matter ;)

This is who the Dutch police shot at. A farmer boy named Jouke who’s only 16 years old. The bullet holes on his tractor show that they missed his head by only 2 cm. He is still being detained and isn’t allowed any contact with his family. They’re at their wit’s end.

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