Since my dog has gone all independent on me, I decided to try my hand at houseplants. Maybe they'll show a bit more appreciation. This is Millie the Peace Lily and Orca the Orchid.

Together you are strong.

You don't have to be violent, you just have to be loud, many, and together.

1. COVID killed by sunlight 2. No direct evidence of airborne spread 3. Surface spread very rare 4. Asymptomatic spread low 5. Masks ineffective 6. Lockdowns don't work 7. Herd immunity real 8. Miniscule risk to children 9. Survival rate 99.97%+ | Andrew Torba - The Donald - America First!

Sometimes you need to just relax with animals and piano music

@smooky @Moon @MrMaxPowers247 @hakui with the fake mass shootings they always do a drill the same day as the so-called shooting event so they can claim first responders were confused. WIth covid they did the event 201 drill a few months right before it as a drss rehearsal for the planned scamdemic & subsequent lockdowns. remember all of this was justified from fake videos of chinese falling over dead in the streets. this happened absolutely nowhere. it was 2 weeks to flatten the curve, and now it is vaccine passports, shots every 6 months and communism forever.
@Moon @MrMaxPowers247 wat they never do is infect someone with what they isolated to see if its really wats making people sick. but they never even isolated it so they cant do that

It's simply amazing and infuriating to see young adults believing this nonsense. I want to scream at them, 'look at the numbers for your age group!' Hell, any numbers really lol
@DotardTed @MrMaxPowers247 @GluedToTheScreen

And that must be where they got the idea for Salma Hayek and Penélope Cruz in 2006's Bandidas!

@MrMaxPowers247 what a great idea! What can possibly go wrong !!!??

Australian Superbugs eat sewage, reduces need for chemicals in wastewater plants | Annamox Bugs

@Moon @MrMaxPowers247 how do they know they're not sequencing some other thing that happens to be present in patients but isn't actually the virus
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