I'm OK with this if the chipper discharges into a volcano. The volcano is non-negotiable.

Georgia Plans To Cut 100,000 Names Off State Voter Rolls In โ€˜Major List Maintenance Effortโ€™ - Conservative News Daily

Compared to the number of stars in the Universe, it's not that many. But compared to the margin of victory in GA? THAT'S A METRIC SHITTON.


PBW has been...
leather conditioned
glass cleaned
wheels polished
tires scrubbed/foamed
bed vacuumed (damn sand)
bed scrubbed with a brush and foaming cleaner (damn manure)
power steps cleaned
bed steps cleaned

Need to do...
Check fluids
check tire pressure
Replace reflective tape on power steps

Last time I did this much work to my truck was Nov. 7 and it was parked until February 10th because of the Covid lockdowns. Sleepy Joe says not this time.

Anyone here in the Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay CA area that would be down for monthly NA bowling alley meetups? We go bowling every Monday night and I figured why not turn 1 a month into a NA meetup.

Cast Iron Cornbread made with buttermilk, raw honey, and a bit of cayenne pepper. It's almost too delicious to believe, my friend[s].

Tent camping with three kids for two weeks, while still doing casual homeschooling. And we survived.

The combination of little truck, tents, and rooftop tent gave us the flexibility to get in anywhere cars can go.

I'm already excited to get back on the road. The kids? They'll need more time. ๐Ÿ˜†

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