Podcasting 2.0 for May 7th 2021 Episode 36: Crawling Our Life Away -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org


@agates Congrats 🎉. Kubernetes is on my “list”. The one I never get to.

Hey N/A Social friends,

I am planning a trip to Knoxville, Tn next month but plan a (possible) stop in Greenville, SC, or Asheville, NC.

To all the locals of those areas....

how are the mask mandates in those areas?

Best places to eat that are still open (survived 'the COVID'

Areas to stay away from?

Thanks, from this Western lady in advance!

Oh my god, I just discovered CTRL/CMD + P in Visual Code. How have I ever been able to live without that?

I have had a few queries now on how one can setup a full website, mp3 links and rss feed under IPFS. So I decided to write some of it up, if you are interested you can find it here:


Constructive comments welcome

The COVID vaccine doesn’t prevent one from getting the virus nor prevent them from spreading it. These 2 facts alone are keeping me from getting it.


I was JUST telling my friend about this! They have some cattle In The Valley region of Oregon and her husband is a butcher...they will lose all they have if this passes!! SO-so horrible!!

"And may your computer not restart until you tell it to" The curse of corporate managed IT

@dave @agates Well, on iPhone it just works because it sends the same events from the headset as it does from the notification so you basically just listen for "play" or "pause"

But on android you have to listen for all normal events, and then also all of these (screenshot) specifically (which are pretty much the same as the normal events, just with added media-button-).

So it was quite easy, I guess I will add support for most of these tomorrow and just map them to the normal events.

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