@martin second time this happened getting the red circle on trying to play, first time was on trying to get alex jones show to play, looks like getting the file is not happening, would be better to have a way to get an error message note on what just blew up, never seems to be able to recover and start playing

@martin is there a way to mark an episode as played in PodFriend, right now as I am transition and trying this app I do have a need for this to mark stuff as played already on certain casts

@martin one bug i see is if you have a favorited show playing and go to the Podfrndr and play a recommendation it plays over top the other episode at the same time

@martin Do you need any help on the PodFriend app, would be glad to help out in any way I can even if thats just reporting bugs or using the product. I do have some web development experience.

@martin This would issue reported for PodFriend not issues with the open source project

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@martin Do you have an issues tracker or a place to see currently reported bugs etc

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@martin Another possible feature suggestion that the app should have is volume memory at the app level as minimum so with each opening of the web app it reopens to the previously set volume level. Next level feature for volume would be per podcast subscription memory, since each podcast has a different audio level, some are really loud while others are quiet, etc. Would be the ultimate in set and forget.

Animated No Agenda - Luck. A Very Important Word. - NoAgendaTube l.curry.com/fnm

Tech tyranny hits podcasting as NOQ Report has been banned by Spotify

Works fine on all these apps! newpodcastapps.com l.curry.com/fnn

@martin are you planning to add space bar key press for pause play control toggle to PodFriend, really missing this feature

Anyone else using odysee.com seems like a decent youtube alternative

Consent Matters: When Tech Takes Remote Control Without Your Permission

"The irony is that, decades ago, when your average person had minimal experience with computers, those inexperienced users had much more control and autonomy over them."


#privacy #security #freedom

Is anyone fact checking Biden in real time like they do Trump? How is Kamala the FIRST African American elected to National office? She was already a Senator! LIES!!!

Parler Tricks: Making Software Disappear

"Regardless of how you feel about Parler, an important thing to note is that this is far from the first time, nor will it be the last time, that Google and Apple remove controversial software from their stores. "


#privacy #freedom #software

Ham radio and rediscovering FM radio, just as shitty as I remember and same songs still playing there

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