This latest naked-faced shopping trip went so well!! 😍

(Compared to the last time — video below —when employees called the cops and no one was allowed to check out.)

Some of the other shoppers even removed their masks, and a couple of them spoke about why they did so.


Whoa. More! I still think mass disobedience is the only way. What is wrong with people


that was so awesome to watch, thanks for sharing!


I'm wondering if I can get some of my friends up here to do the same...

@just_julia, if you’d like, send me a DM and I can put in contact with an organizer of these outings in Denver. She’d be happy to answer any questions and share what they’ve learned along the way. :)

@MountainJay It's so sad that this is what we've come to. A protest is walking around with an uncovered face. A few short years ago this would have been a comedy sketch.

@kevinbae, we’re definitely in a dystopian, upside clown world. 😓

@MountainJay I love this! There’s not too many places where I live that actually confront you for not wearing a mask but I notice the majority of people still just comply without question. This is the way to convince them that it’s ok and they won’t get in trouble.

@GlueEater @MountainJay

I was going to say the same thing about where I live in PA. Most people would just look at you like, oh, he’s Mennonite, and keep shopping.

@MountainJay I used to see naked faces all the time. I miss that.

@MountainJay Thanks for sharing this. This gives me some hope,which I’m finding to be in short supply at the moment. ❤️

@MountainJay We've become so enslaved, we've all forgotten what normal used to be. I went to a Murphy's to buy cigarettes, no mask required. Kid at the counter mechanically asked me for my ID. I pointed out I wasn't wearing a mask, no ID required. He backed off quick. I learned my lesson from the previous time when I wore a mask and the guy insisted on looking at my ID. ✌️ for victory.

@MountainJay fucking love this. I wish i could find a group of people to do this with. One person doing it doesnt send a message at all around here...

@MrTWatson, I hope you find them!

These shopping trips developed because these people have exemptions to the mask mandate, but were still being harassed and refused access to essential services. So they started shopping in groups for safety, and to make the point that businesses were discriminating against those who have legitimate exemptions.

I believe there are also other shopping groups in the country organized on the idea that their right to be mask-free does not require an exemption.

@Thoughtdoc, it's in my comment just below the first video. Here it is again, in case you can't see that comment. :)

@MountainJay That’s a quite good initiative.

So many bootlickers from totalitarians policies like forceful masks.

Thanks for that “mask-free shoppers” video, it’s so refreshing.
I noticed this week I’m getting less hassle or dirty looks when I shop without a mask. Even the Target employees are mostly leaving me alone. I suspect the managers are retraining them because they are tired of trying to enforce mask mandates and having their employees upset.
I’m still shocked that most grocery stores are wasting 2 valuable employees positioned at doors to check for useless masks.

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