Found on a toilet today. 😆

(Not too surprising though, since it was at one of the very few restaurants I know of in the Denver metro that doesn’t enforce mask rules.)

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@MountainJay I'm in Denver. Which restaurant? Looking to vote with my dollars. (feel free to DM)

@SecondJon, they’ve been out in the open throughout, so I’m happy to share publicly that it’s Water’s Edge Bistro & Winery in Centennial. These great folks definitely deserve lots of support!

(Despite this “news” headline, they did not shut down at that time. Although quite awhile after that they did very briefly close, in order to avoid the risk of being locked out from several barrels of wine that were ready for bottling.)

@MountainJay thank you! Not too far from me, I may head there this week.

@MountainJay if you don't mind me asking, what restaurant is it? I'm in the Denver area, and would like to support local businesses.

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