@yukiame Someday, hopefully soon! Still working on getting my music gear hooked up to my computer.

Lyrics I (re)wrote yesterday to the Firefly theme song:

Take my rights, take my plans
Tell me where I cannot stand.
I don't care, I'm still free,
You can't take my tribe from me.

Take away the greenback,
Make me stay in my shack.
Track my phone, technocracy,
But you can't take my tribe from me.

There's no agenda blinding me,
Since I've found my sanity.
You can't take my tribe from me.

@SirSpencer @yukiame I see that guitar in your hands; feel free to use. :)

@MountainJay @yukiame ty I will bookmark it and see if it makes it to the top of my projects wishlist lol I struggle with follow through but still like to create stuff

cc @Laurien

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