So what happens when the 'fully vaccinated' finally realize they'll never be fully vaccinated?

Poor policemen. Maybe you shouldn't have been pepper spraying and hitting people with batons for a peaceful protest? Perhaps not shooting people with rubber bullets? That might have improved relations with the public?

So we are so short staffed on housekeeping that we are pretending to be full even though we have 14 left to sale. This is because we only have two housekeepers to clean in this eighty nine room hotel in the morning.

Dictator Dan says when lockdown ends and 80% have double dosed...

Work from home if you can and only “fully vaxxed” can go to office.

All restaurants will require fully (even outdoors)

All gyms “fully”.

All businesses “fully”

So they acknowledge 20% of the state is still in perpetual lockout? That’s over 1 million people to get angry.

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Dictator Dan says the Victorian vax passports “won’t be there forever” but then intimates that they will as booster passports.

“Arguably it won’t be your vaccine passport you’ll be showing in the first part of next year [2022] it will be your booster passport to show you’ve been to have your third jab and that you’ve still the THE PROTECTION that comes from AstraZeneca, Moderna or Pfizer”.

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Dictator Dan says “Where the table talks about vaccinated status that’s where we will have vaccinated passports enabled to show ... you’re eligible to be in that space because you’re double dosed.”

“There will be some people without a smart phone. There will be provision for people without smart phones to have a piece of paper.”

So once Victoria is between 70 and 80% double vaxxed: Papiere, Bitte !!!!

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Roof on the wood shed is done and all loaded up with some room for more, even.

I am gonna sleep good tonight 🥱

This photo, by Nicholas Samaras, of a delicate seahorse dragging a mask in the crystal clear waters of Northern Greece won Ocean Photography Awards 2021. 

[RT Brittany Martinez @britmartinez]

…. It’s like NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS from breast implants or the Pill. When it comes to side effects, it’s always “In a woman’s head.”

And tomorrow’s lunch is on the smoker. Now I can go to bed!

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