Some said they didn't know their thermostats were being accessed from afar until it was almost 80 degrees inside their homes.

'Woke up sweating': Some Texans shocked to find their smart thermostats were raised remotely

Remember the phrase "if it's free, you're the product"?

What does that mean for "free" experimental medications? :)

One of my favorite soundbites is Meetups.. on a past show when Adam was saying "Meet Up's BeeYoootch!" It was cracking me up. Here is one from the nessworks archives that did not get submitted: "Meet Ups.. BeeYoootch!"

A bit of musical inspiration to my fellow guitarded folk.. claw hamner is a joy to learn


Most people don't challenge the narrative, critical thinking skills have been purposely dulled. Thinking outside the box used to be a coveted skill, now it's a mark of shame. There is only one way, their way and we the bludgeoned automatons are forced to comply.

10 weeks to taking a big risk and starting my own thing. I would rather spend 6mos living free than 20 more years under the yoke.

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There is a pervasive code of silence at most companies. People cower in fear of speaking their mind both in public and at their workplace. We live in fear of saying anything or pushing back on anything. We become drones and our spirits are crushed. I'm pretty sure that's exactly the way they want it, a fleet of automatons selling their wares in the way they we are told.

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