@Therealdcgirl I did once code, however, it being an unused language for myself, I've forgotten just about all of it. I enjoy learning, solving problems and working with my hands & head. I've generally avoided large business because I don't like people with titles but no brain telling me what to do.

@Therealdcgirl my most recent skillset is within welding & fabrication. I would enjoy a smaller custom build shop that builds on what I know and keeps me learning more. I would really dig getting more practice with CAD & design that would transfer to plasma or laser cutting.

Screenshots of said Resume! Currently based in Charlotte, NC but would relocate to just about anyplace.

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Well I was trying to attach my resume as a PDF but it says it's invalid. So that kind of sucks because I was open the no agenda community might want to hire me possibly so now I don't know how to show you what I've done.

@HLC I have an idea of where she can put that middle finger...

No Agenda poetry

Douchebag - confidant
Douchebag - anonymous
Douchebag - supremist
Douchebag - nationalist
Douchebag - troll
Douchebag - player one
Douchebag - elitist
Douchebag - following orders
Douchebag - steamer
Douchebag - shout-out
Douchebag - upper-decker

Thank you @sirgene for the Cincinnati Meetup yesterday! As an OTR driver with much solo time to spend, it was a real pleasure to saunter up to strangers and share food, drink & engaging conversations!

@BongoDetector as recent as the day I posted it. As for actual enforcement? I don't know. I was passing through.

@Smeeagain Well I meant the city as whole... Hahaha, I do understand the difference between baseball & basketball...

Anyone else enjoy 'BASEketball' ?

@RayGun I am not even a baseball purveyor but as I was walking...

"Wait, weren't they the Indians?! Damn, I'd rather be an Indian than a Guardian" (internal conversation)

@Smeeagain That's a great question! (chuckling as I typed that)
I suppose so?!? This is the LeBron James area? Then certainly plausible.

Watch "The Characters: Tim Robinson The Pointer Brothers" on YouTube youtu.be/0OwgTEB51Os

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