Well I was trying to attach my resume as a PDF but it says it's invalid. So that kind of sucks because I was open the no agenda community might want to hire me possibly so now I don't know how to show you what I've done.


Screenshots of said Resume! Currently based in Charlotte, NC but would relocate to just about anyplace.

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@MorningFireDesign do you have a short elevator pitch of what type of job you are looking for?

@Therealdcgirl my most recent skillset is within welding & fabrication. I would enjoy a smaller custom build shop that builds on what I know and keeps me learning more. I would really dig getting more practice with CAD & design that would transfer to plasma or laser cutting.

@MorningFireDesign put that in your summary. It's unclear from the resume what type of job you are looking for (and nobody on NAS is going to read through the whole thing and guess.)

@MorningFireDesign I see some api stuff (if that is your goal I have some suggestions) but I also see some other types of work.

@Therealdcgirl I did once code, however, it being an unused language for myself, I've forgotten just about all of it. I enjoy learning, solving problems and working with my hands & head. I've generally avoided large business because I don't like people with titles but no brain telling me what to do.


My son just got a machinist job with the help of Aerotek. They seem to specialize in skilled hands-on jobs.


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