Bonus Fauci telling the truth about asymptomatic spread: (0:43)

WHO woman telling the truth: (3:03)

If you’ll recall, after she gave this presentation, they started damage control, pointing out that presymptomatic is different from asymptomatic. But as the above posts reveal, when using actual household contacts, you see symptomatic spread.

Damage control: (8:26)

We’re going to need to expand Guantanamo Bay—again.

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A comparison of official Government reports suggest the Fully Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)!

The top federal agencies responsible for public health in the United States, the CDC and the FDA, are “profoundly corrupt” and are forcefully pushing experimental gene therapeutics, aka COVID vaccines, on the population with “grossly incomplete” data that does not meet even the “minimum standards” for safety Moreover, the vaccination campaign and the other elements of the COVID policies that have been employed by governments worldwide have little to do with public health

"Even though vaccinations offers protection to individuals against severe hospitalization and death, the CDC reported an increase from 0.01 to 9% and 0 to 15.1% (between January to May 2021) in the rates of hospitalizations and deaths, respectively, amongst the fully vaccinated"

@alf This is bullshit. It is long known that babies get their immunities from their mother’s breast milk.

"Conspicuous Consciousness"
Conspicuous Consumption for the woke category. When you just neeeeed people to see how conscious you are.
💥💥💥 This is why I listen to Moe Factz!

Attention nerds. Do you know who Raymond Royal Rife was?

he created optical microscopes of unsurpassed to this day magnification in the visible spectrum. everything "we" (i.e. they) know about microbiology comes from examining dead tissue because you have to stain the slide with chemicals. Rife's microscopes just use optical light against a dark background, no staining. So he was able to view living cells and tissue.

I feel that his microscope must be reverse engineered by the internet.

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