Fuck the EU! Hybrid stoves capable of burning both wood and coal are disappearing. This thanks to new EU regulations. Sales person told us finding coal to buy is also becoming more difficult with the most popular kind for home use no longer available.

So wood or pellets are your only remaining options.

If we go for a stove we will be going for wood (free to get where i live) as pellets have also shot up in price.

Race swapping! Now not only for the living but for the unliving too.

Honestely why buy the rights to a book series if you are going to change time periode, location and race swap one of the main characters?


He makes a good point. If gender transition for minors is ok, how the hell can the same government not allow steroids use by adults?

After all, it's just a skinny guy who identifies as a muscular guy and his 'transition' should be free under obamacare


A reminder to not talk to the police or engage them in any manner.

Am I under arrest? Do you have a warrant? No? Then I wish you a good day and please contact my lawyer. Walk away, lock your door.


And here come the brown outs France to add 'electricity forcast' to the weather forcast to inform the people when they can use electricity (link in Dutch): m.standaard.be/cnt/dmf20220927

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One robbery for a couple of hundred bucks and Chicago loses millions in tax revenue


Wishful thinking meets reality: vlogger films in no go zone to prove they are actually safe, gets robbed....


The Aussie Cosack is out of jail and Australia apparently had a big freedom protest:


M5M: we need POC in movies and series otherwise minorities won't be able to relate

Same M5M: puts a jong black woman in an advertisement for a product where the buyers are 99% old white men

The future is going to be wild:
Guy uses deepfake tech to change Ariel back to a white woman in latest Disney movie


Shocking lack of diversity or female representation in this movie. Do better Netflix /s

All joking aside, this looks like Netflix finally succeeded to make a decent movie.


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