@Dougnk I'm glad there are no serious injuries. I'm curious as to how one of the most advanced submarines in the world doesn't detect an object in it's path.

Maine spent $5.2 million on a covid hotline that only 18k people called. $286 for each appointment to get vaccinated? Ridiculous waste!

It's hard to understand how masks and social distancing can be successful at reducing the spread of covid if wild white-tail deer are now carriers. What is going on?

Early analysis of NH election audit: Scanning machine read folds in the paper ballots as votes.

Two part report. Part one here:

"11 'heavily armed men' arrested after lengthy standoff on I-95"

They ran out of gas after traveling 65 miles? It's hard to take this seriously...

My guess is a dozen guys get drunk and decide to head to a camp in Maine for the long weekend and shoot. They are so wasted that they run out of gas after an hour on the road. But who knows, maybe there is more to the story...


New Maine law restricts facial recognition:
The most interesting thing about this law, in my opinion, is that police may request a facial recognition search from the FBI and Bureau of Motor Vehicles databases but the request itself is of public record. I'll be curious to see how this is executed in practice.


CDC guidance to laboratories for cycle thresholds (Ct) for testing COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases. (One) among the many scams that this organization has perpetrated since 2020 alone. Contrast this with 37-40 in 2020. @adam is "dancing in the end zone". You could also possibly throw in a Gronk spike sir!

So Subway Tuna Sandwich fails a PCR test and NYTimes does not report the cycle count? LOL, NYTimes still does not understand PCR? nytimes.com/2021/06/19/style/s

@kgibson I'm struggling with the balance between liberty and maintaining contact with my family and friends who will need help moving off FB.

I've been living in Facebook with my family and friends for about 7 years. But the shadow banning and other corporate censorship has irritated me. So I'm resurrecting my website and thinking about my independence more.

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