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Haven't been on NAS or any other "social" media much lately. Too much real life to attend to. However, I did want to let everyone here know about our annual event at our farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia at the end of the month. Workshops, music, farm fresh food, amazing views, vibrant farmscape and barely any cell signal. Come on out and get OTG if you can!


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Electric cars are mana from heaven for manufacturers. You use encryption to make sure your cars won’t work with third-party batteries in the name of “safety”, you charge so much to replace the batteries that it’s not worth doing at all compared to car’s value, and boom - you’ve killed the market for cars over 10 years old. This will of course be an absolute fucking disaster for the environment of unimaginable proportions, but fuck you and your planet, right?

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Forget about “changing the world”.

That’s the goal of violent revolutionaries.

The world is not yours to change this or that way.

*Nobody* owns the world.

Thus *nobody* has a right to say what it *should* be.

Focus on improving your life, that of your family, your neighbours, and the people you do business with.

That’s it.

The world changes by itself and doesn’t give a shit about you — even if you are a billionaire or a president.

The same for “saving the planet”

You'd think at 65 yrs old you'd have a better grip on your critical thinking. It's amazing how a lot of the arenas I'm in are full of some of the stupidest people.

This one hits hard.

"What you’re seeing is the Party of Chaos sending a message to the rest of us — those who are not members of the Party of Chaos. The message is: we will take your children and destroy their minds, and pretend that it’s just another module of their education…"


Any recommendations on Podcasting 2.0 hosts? I'm wanting to get out of the spotify hell-hole that is Anchor. Looked at castopod, rss.com, or rssblue. Anyone with experience with any of these?

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As an experiemtn, we should take all the guns away from the people paid to protect politicians, publicly announce it, and see what happens...

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