About to vomit. Teams meeting starting and everyone bragging about their vaccines!! 🤮

Youngest Human Resource at Indiana U. Got the IU Student COVID-19 update! Exciting!!! Big news! Students can get the vaccine and here is why some are. Years of vaccine history (just not with this type, dear), and two “I will be protecting my family! Also wrong! You can still carry it!!! The misrepresentation is infuriating. @adam I can forward the whole email for you.

I remembered that my dad had a hat made from beer cans in the 70s when collecting beer cans was a thing. So I went and found THIS gem online.

Ugh my mom (83) got her second jab this afternoon and now can’t stop throwing up.

**'It's like ageing wine' - Curry inspires win over Jazz on 33rd birthday**

"Stephen Curry inspires the Golden State Warriors in victory over leaders the Utah Jazz on his 33rd birthday."


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@adam you never finished the thought about thrush. It is pretty much a yeast infection in your mouth. Babies get it. Also people who use an asthma inhaler steroid if they don’t rinse mouth well after use. Don’t ask me how I know that second part.

Does everyone see how long it takes to upload the new code to the robots?

146 B.C.: The Third Punic War. This was the third of three wars between the Roman Republic and the Carthaginian (Punic) Empire that resulted in the final destruction of Carthage, the enslavement of its population, and Roman hegemony over the western Mediterranean.

More info: britannica.com/event/Third-Pun

Smokin hot husband figured it out: govt behind GameStop so that the coming market crash has a scapegoat. Regulations all back, fracking killed....market gonna crash due to policy, but now? Reddit!!

Received in my email today because I signed up for State Department alerts when I lived abroad:

Health Alert - Department of State - Bureau of Consular Affairs (January 15, 2021)

Location: Worldwide:The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director has signed an order requiring all airline passengers traveling to the United States, including U.S. citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs), to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 viral test or recovery from COVID-19.

So basically Orwell wasn't a fiction writer. He was actually a documentarian

@adam in around 2002 there was an aurora that was clearly visible in Maryland just south of the Mason Dixon Line. (Just finished Thursday’s show)

Florida Release: Mandatory Reporting of COVID-19 Laboratory Test Results: Reporting of Cycle Threshold Values


Show 1213: Kung Flu. Time: 57:38, Malcolm Nance clip describing Trump stealing the election (from show transcript): 59:03
...United States where a nation state has decided that they are going to actually hack the results and make it is so obvious in such a way that one party the Republicans say well that's just too bad that's the result of the election Donald Trump wins and the other party is left standing there blinking.

"Hack the results and make it so obvious..." Hmmmmm.

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