So, today my department started having new hires work from home on day one. Today I also discovered that our work at home firewall was blocking WebEx. And good times were had by all.

Notice how claims of ‘massive’ voter fraud are twisted into ‘widespread’ voter fraud and dismissed. Whipsaw!

Alton Brown needs to be the next host of Jeopardy! If we just keep saying it, it will happen.

I just saw someone on Twitter refer to Governor Newsolini :)

Local gas station has this posted on the bathroom doors. Made my day.

March: Don’t wear masks
April: You MUST wear a mask
May: Stay home! Don’t go outside
June: Being inside is BAD! Only be outdoors
July: The economy can’t recover until the virus is GONE
August: Did you hear that!? The economy is DEAD
September: The economy is recovering at a record pace
October: Trump is rushing a vaccine! Don’t take it
November: The vaccine is perfect. You MUST take it!

But still they say: FOLLOW THE EXPERTS!

A fun play on political correctness and the artificial "Latinx" grouping

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