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It stings when I can't listen live, then hear killer show art ideas on the replay. John's wonton soup line had a lot of potential.

When I was 18, my girlfriend won a popcorn maker on the Price is Right.


You can now create an account simply by allowing read access to the application to your NAS account, and you can create an employment profile.

In the next phase (v0.8), all authenticated users will be able to view and search these profiles.

If you have issues, either let me know here, or file them on GitHub. Otherwise, take it for a spin and let me know what you think. I want this to be a valuable tool for us all, so I'm open to feedback/ideas.

ITM, Gitmo shitizens! ☀️✨

Get ready to squeal! 🎵🎵

(Pig in human clothing art by @MikeRiley:

congrats to @MountainJay for artwork victory today also in MP3 embedded artwork category

thus she has beaten me today and is approaching slowly @darrenoneill

womenfolk for the win!

It’s a tragedy that Jack didn’t end up with Janet, instead of that bore Vicki.

Overstock guy explaining election rigging. What the heck is going on behind him? Looks like a mural from the Denver airport.

Here’s a fun gag to play on the deep state... Assange and Snowden get dressed up like turkeys and Trump surprises everyone by pardoning them in the Rose Garden Thursday.

Jeffery Toobin should have won that made-up Emmy they gave to Andrew Cuomo.

Corn Pop has been appointed Secretary of Bad Dudes.

@CSB @MikeRiley

So, I met Tom a long time ago, but I only put 2 and 2 together last Thanksgiving!

We watched the episode at Tom's with after-dinner drinks.

Tom claims he fought and fought hard to get Adam on the show. . .he was the only person he brought forward for the role when he wrote the episode.

Here were are watching last Thanksgiving:

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