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Does anyone know where the “Tastes like poop.” iso comes from? I’m thinking it sounds like the recurring customer with the winter hat on Bob’s Burgers but Haven’t been able to confirm. Thx

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Here's mine. The color of the block is the background color. White and blue are the colors I won with most.

John gets irritated anytime Adam injects Moe Factz material. Lol.

Shut up already! It's science... here are all my winning pieces (show art and newsletters) boiled down to the most prominent colors featured in the design. BLUE outperforms both red and yellow.

Randumb Thoughts #127 - NFTs

I break down the latest collectible craze and let you know what it will cost you to jump in.

Thanks for listening!

Realized I haven't had a lot of good album art ideas lately because I've been enjoying the show too much. To put together a winner you really have to be in front of the computer, listening strictly for art ideas and working them out (still with one ear open for other art ideas in case that one doesn't come together). You can't actually just listen to the show.

Too much respect for Bill Waterson to take John's P.E.D.E. logo bait.

For anyone new to the No Agenda commmmuuunnniiityy — don't forget to visit! @adam @Johncdvorak

Classic show art starring @darrenoneill @CSB @NICKtheRAT and @NetNed who’s persona I complete guessed at based on Adam reading one note from him. This needs updated with a Mountain Jay and a Tante Neal, at least. Not sure I’d make the cut at this point.

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