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‪(audio quote from podcast)‬

‪JCD : “who was that?”‬

‪AC: “just rando, not @CSB”‬

‪JCD: “not our normal complainer! ... but I like the piece, it hit the spot and @MikeRiley / @mikeriley is good”‬


Maybe helpful for producers that want to draw something semi-realistic with only 20 minutes to get it done.
1- sketch.
2- drop in reference photo. reduce opacity.
3- New layer for linework.
4- Turn off the sketch and reference layers.
5- Use paint bucket to drop in the flats.
6- Final layer between the lines and the color for texture and highlights.

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@Ariesian1 @MikeRiley yah - there was no doubt. As soon as it was submitted. That's the one. Clearly readable when thumbnailed, topical, funny/punny, meaningless without context, then scandalous when you listen to the show. Perfect.

Man. Two years of amygdala work out the window. 🐡

Interesting podcast from Eric Weinstein about his brief, but strange encounter with Jeffery Epstein:

Why does Adam on Rogan got me feeling anxious today?! 😬

Great little thread from Eric Weinstein on Jeff Epstein. Very simple questions that won’t be answered (or asked)

This is one of my three favorite tweets of all time. No Agenda thinking. The other two are also from the Iron Sheik. A modern sage.

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