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Apologies to my fellow artists for flooding the generator with Coke bears. I don’t like when people post too many versions of the same piece, BUT I HAD TO NAME HIM COKEY!

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I use
No account needed.
Resolution of output is downgraded (unless you sign up or pay? 🤔) but by scaling it up to original image size and using it to make a selection on original image you get the original resolution.


ARTISTS. People may already have tools that do this, but I discovered this web app that crops people out of photos automatically. Pretty helpful for cut the set out from behind Yamiche.

NA SOCIAL EXCLUSIVE PREMIER! My Kickstarter video with the illustrious, multitalented Darren O' on narration and JCD the Pulitzer endorsement-grade blurb. 'Early Bird' tier will include the book, mini comics, stickers, etc. for $33. (No need to share this post... save all your shares for when it goes live. 🙏)

Any producers sell online that can talk to me about international shipping? Kickstarter launching this week. I want it to be available to the entire gitmoverse. Would love to be pointed to a resource for calculating intl. shipping en masse rather than looking up all 300 countries on the dropdown menu individually.

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@MikeRiley @Kennyben I appreciate the proportions. For too long, we pencil dicks have gone unrepresented. Everyone draws Pringle Can cocks, and I, for one, find it offensive. It's an impossible standard.
Mr. Riley is OK in my book.

Spent about 30 minutes drawing a dick shaped spaceship, but had to tap out. They’re not going to put up a dick cover.

So... could the regime be angling for new lockdowns so they can jam through a hundred thousand mail in ballots during the midterms?

New Irregulordz short story prequel written by me and drawn by SpongeBob storyboard artist Ian Vasquez.

Chapter 3 of my human resource friendly sci-fi comedy webcomic, Irregulordz wrapped up this week. Read the whole chapter starting here:

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