“The number of Whites who were enslaved in North Africa by the Barbary Pirates exceeded the number of Africans enslaved in the United States & in the American Colonies before that, put together.” ~Thomas Sowell

‘Facts about SLAVERY they don’t teach you in school’


this doesn't mention that racial chattel slavery was unique to North America. it's hard for me to imagine this wouldn't damage the culture of family going forward. similarly, the fact that the term slave traces back to SLAV helps explain imo why that area seemed to lag the rest of Europe etc.

@wjmaggos I thought he did hit on how it played a negative role in the ADOS community..but agreed


Love Thomas Sowell.

He was once a Marxist and was asked what changed him, his answer was very simple.


Best answer ever to that question.

@Mr_Nobody that’s awesome and yea he’s on point with everything

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