The Spanish farmers are now protesting against the threat to their livelihoods. Farmers protests are happening all over the world and still the corporate and state funded media continues to ignore this.

Are there any shows worth watching on Netflix and Prime or is it all woke nonsense?

On a work call listening to the larps express their fears of Monkeypox..all that comes to mind is SheepPox!

How about them apples?
So young and so dumb and brainwashed

I gotta admit, they did a great job with the production of the ‘war on terrorism’. Now with Iraq going through a nice Revolution, I can’t wait for the war machine to march right back in to ‘restore order’

“Peg, if you want this house to look better, dust. If you want it to smell better, cook. If you want it to be happy, leave.”

This Is A World Economic Forum Video From 7 Years Ago...

Titled 'RNA Therapeutics & DNA Editing'

Described Is An Experiment That Genetically Targeted Black Mice To Turn Them Into White Mice...

Imagine The Possibilities... I Sure Hope That Tech Doesn't Fall Into The Wrong Hands

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