So this infographic has been making the rounds in my circles.

Let it be known that the 16.5% of coronacases that caused blood clotting, which they so kindly extrapolate to 165,000 in 1,000,000 cases so as to match the other statistics, is based on a study of a measly 3,342 patients with COVID-19.

No matter what statistics they create, it has become pretty clear these “vaccines” cause a lot of harm and death. Besides that, they have no clue about very possible harm in the long run. These are nothing less than medical experiments with untested crap, only for big profits. Vaccines are supposed to solve problems, not create new ones. If it still would have been possible to hold Big Pharma accountable for the damage they are causing, none of this would be happening right now.


@MartinJJ @levisan

I think blood clot cases with vaccines have more than doubled since this graphic came out, which looks like last week.

@Meachamus_Prime @levisan
I constantly see messages of people having serious side effect problems and/or dying. I bet the real numbers would seriously scare everyone away from those crap jabs.

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