How do you guys deal with familymembers who are brainwashed by the mainstream media? I've lost my patience too many times.

@Lucasvos The most you can do is ask a few questions, listen closely to their answers, ask a few questions highlighting the contradictions, listen again (politely), then back away.

It won't "fix" anything, but it might set the stage for them to wake up when they're ready.


@vandys @Lucasvos

This has worked on my Mom, slowly but surely. It required a number of expositive videos for evidence from the BLM riots and Trump speeches (like the good people on both sides hoax), but she has at least seen that the Democrats are lying about their beliefs even if she's not ready to vote for Trump.

As far as I'm concerned, any Biden supporter disheartened by the truth is one less vote for Biden.

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