So when do we get to the other side of the line you drew in the sand?

I had my first altercation at the seven eleven today. I was called an "idiot" for not participating in the mask cult. I told the gentleman to "blow me" twice because he apparently didn't hear me the first time. I know I am supposed to turn the other cheek. Quite difficult under these circumstances.

This is an unbelievable podcast episode. It's kinda crazy it's still up on youtube.
cc: @adam

I'm going to try not eating food for 26 days. My record thus far is ten days. Apparently God listens more when you sacrifice.

@DewsNews Can you have a chat with alex and get an rss torrent feed for alex jones show so I can auto download it?

Similar to

Makes life easier for auto archiving and helping share the bandwidth cost of the info war :)

I already e-mailed it must have been lost in the pile.

@furgar Oh dear, we work for the source of life lol. Have pity on those still lost.

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