China Summons US Ambassador Overnight, Says Washington "Must Pay The Price"

Please China, blow up Pelosi. Nobody needs her.

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@HiroProtagonist @MartinJJ I am not against her visit any more then I was Taiwans leader calling Trump. I find the One China policy to be odious. If I was POTUS I would recognize Taiwan and tell the commies to suck it long and hard

@PakkonenCT I'd recognize Taiwan. Whoop de doo. I don't care if Pelosi goes there, but I'd rather the Chinese not blow her up if it winds up getting good people killed. @MartinJJ

@MartinJJ I still don't understand why anyone in the legislative branch, especially from the house, is traveling the world and dealing with foreign relations. Isn't that the executive branches responsibility?

I think we are watching a big virtue signaling show, actually against her own Democrat President. A big ‘fuck you’ to Biden from the NeoCons running the show? She shouldn’t be there at all given her professional status. Would be real fun if China threw her in Prison. I bet many Democrats suddenly would want WW3 🤣

@MartinJJ that's why they would never touch her. She's more of a punishment to us safely back in America

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