Gates and Soros together just spent billions on buying a new rapid Covid test facility. They have no plans to stop any of this nonsense anytime soon as it’s just way too profitable with your “leaders” paying for it with your tax money. They did the same investments in these gene therapy jabs now dubbed vaccines.

The only way to stop these stinking rich Globalist creeps is by doing it ourselves. Hit people in the mouth and simply stop complying. There is no pandemic.

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@MartinJJ I've got a guillotine startup.

Contact me if interested.

Start putting them up in every town square. The People will need them to show we are serious. We'll bring the Rockefellers, Rothchilds and work our way down the globalist network. Make them durable. Expect at least about a 3000 or 4000 of them. 🤔

@MartinJJ No pandemic from what I can see. If it was “legit”, then people would be dropping dead left and right. It’s been smoke and mirrors since the beginning. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but it’s so mind numbing and obvious at this point...

Exactly. Besides that masks do not work and the PCR test is a bogus excuse to somehow show there is a pandemic and to stoke fear. All real statistics from the official agencies show there is global IFR of only 0.15%. That's even less than an average Flu year. People always die from the Flu. Hospitals aren't overloaded at all, despite the media propaganda. In the EU these "vaccines" had to be allowed by emergency laws as any other gene therapy is strictly forbidden within the EU.

@MartinJJ @eMarie Instead of grandstanding, Jim Jordan and Rand Paul should ask Fauci for the PCR data. What’s the average PCR cycle threshold for all tests in the United States? And how do those numbers correlate with infectivity?

@MartinJJ I think it's insane there are still people who think the big bad COVID is out to get them. I've traveled, gone out to bars/restaurants, seen friends, etc. and not once have even had a sniffle. I've said it before...COVID is a state of mind. You either let the propaganda make you think there's a deadly virus floating around or you don't. I prefer the latter.

You are young and fit, nothing to worry about. I have never kept any distance, worn masks or disinfected anything. I feel fine! At my age I'm supposed to be in the "risk group". People just don't know in normal Flu seasons many end up in hospitals or just die. In former years even more then last year.

The psychological effects are real. One of my brothers wife - who is a lot older - ended up in hospital with breathing problems. Next he started to feel sick also. Covid is real for them.

@MartinJJ they can’t lose. All they need to do is sign a deal with our incompetent governments and they’re golden. Even if the facilities are never needed, they’ll be pocketing our taxes.

It's a Bonanza! Most EU countries (or was it Brussels themselves?) already ordered "vaccines" up to 2023. No doubt elsewhere it's not much different. Even if nobody takes them, the orders still get paid. At least now it becomes clear who are operating the dials of this "pandemic".

@MartinJJ @niels
Bill Gates & George Soros now own all the test production companies. Hand-in-hand

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