I had to run into Walgreens Monday, and last night the wife character asked me if I wore a mask, I said, yes reluctantly. She then pointed out that we no longer have a mask mandate so I don’t “need” to wear one. She is right, I see a sign on the door “asking” me to mask up and I do. I don’t HAVE to do it. Damn!!!

So now knowing I have choices again, I’ll be unmasked wherever I go and if they tell me I need one, I’ll just take my business elsewhere.


You are a brave slave following the commands of your globalist overlords. Stop obeying everywhere and you will notice normal businesses and people will not make a problem of it. Only dumb fooled sheep, but a big mouth is usually enough to shut them up. Never give in to any of these morons. There are 43 previous scientific studies masks do not work and many point out they are dangerous to your health also. There is no research at all they work. Now they also found chemicals in masks.

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Love to hear your experiences also going around without a mask. It's how we end all this bullshit virus nonsense.

@MartinJJ I actually had to go into Walmart last night. I still had my gaiter on because my employer requires me to mask-up when working around others. I left it on my nest and walked right in, no one gave me any hassle.

Had a coworker try it a Menards and they stopped him and told him he had to put a mask on, and if he didn’t have one he’d have to purchase one to enter the store. He said thank you very much and went to Home Depot where he shopped mask-free.

@obihahn @MartinJJ That's true here as well...

Menards are bitches.

HD doesn't care

@stewil102 @MartinJJ I haven’t been in a Menards for over a year since they first began making customers mask up and using Gestapo tactics if you refuse. I’ll never spend another dollar in one of their stores, and spread the word every chance I get about how much they suck.

@obihahn @stewil102 @MartinJJ agreed. They were the first ones who required masks in our area and there was no state mandate at the time. Fuck them. Their products are sub-standard compared to HD and Lowe’s anyway. I try to avoid spending money at Menards at all costs. And all that Menards rebate bullshit sucks too.

@obihahn @MartinJJ I tried to go into a Menards last summer and they threw me out because they didn’t allow children in the store. My “child” was a one year old infant strapped to my back in a baby carrier. I told them, “it’s not like she’s going to run around and touch anything” and the response was “it’s company policy”. Fuck menards forever.

@lisastelter @obihahn
That sounds like a great policy to chase away most of the potential customers.

@MartinJJ Unless you are in Ontario, where people literally lose their shit.

I quit being afraid of dumb fucks. If you let them rule your world, none of this will ever end. You will lose your freedom.

@MartinJJ i just get all my things delivered and never go to retail stores anymore. I live my free life by boycotting...everything. Here in Prison Camp Ontario it's a different world than in the states. We have just entered full 28 day lockdown...again.

Gitmo lowlands is still in lockdown also. We still have a mandatory masks in public places and even an curfew. It's nuts. Grocery shops are open, but they invented some idiotic rules for other shops like having to make an appointment at least 4 hours before and only 10 min shopping.

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