Dr. Fauci Can't Explain Why Texas COVID Cases Keep Dropping Despite Reopening

This is a nice example of when reality shows something totally different than the scare mongers in the (social) media. A fake pandemic supposedly proven with a PCR test that should never be used for anything like this.

In a real pandemic people wouldn’t need any propaganda orchestrated by Big Pharma while they make billions on “vaccines” that really don’t work on a Flu virus.

Hint: freedom

@MartinJJ let's hypothesize for a moment. For the past year, we've knee-jerk responded to varying degrees across the US. None of it has really shown to change much. What if Florida, SD and Texas are tests to see if we should all go back to normal? Aka, our leaders are stupid... so they're just throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks... this assumes you ignore all public political statements by either party.

It's no secret the "Fauci's" on this planet are working for Big Pharma (mostly in the US/no liability). Untested "vaccines" are a big Bonanza while globalist controlled governments keep spending your tax dollars on them. None of these vaccines will work as in all these years they never managed to isolate the Corona virus in the first place. Those in government who help promote all this, are complicit. Stop obeying and open up everything is the ONLY way forward to regain our freedom.

@Kaiserhase @MartinJJ

Studying the past 1+ year and applying inductive logic, I think your hypothesis fails. There is a LOT more than stupidity going on here. And a LOT more than just big pharma profits.

Money is irrelevant at this level; keep your eyes on power and control.

@MartinJJ He can't explain because he is nothing but a fraud.

@MartinJJ At least part of it is that they're just pretending like what we've known for generations isn't common knowledge, "sunlight is the best disinfectant", while it also turns out that the models of the few honest ones left failed to account for how powerful it really is. Then of course it would dovetail into a discussion on vit D (also ignored through all this). "Kill a virus: go outside" should have been our motto from the beginning.


They are actually trying to tell you the Flu disappears in summer. Ain't that amazing? 🤣

World wide the Flu mysteriously disappeared. We now only have Covid and Covid deaths. Strangely enough with the same yearly numbers as always with the Flu. All the PCR 'positives' ain't sick either. Where is that pandemic?

@MartinJJ I'm wondering for how much longer they're going to be able to sneak the lie past everyone that deliberately not looking for flu infections means there really are none, and that since we're literally teeming with viruses all the time, a covid "positive" can occur when the actual dominant infecting pathogen is something else entirely. It's not like the human body only has room enough for one virus/bacteria at a time. It probably has been influenza making people sick this entire time.

I'm past the "probably" point already. They just renamed the yearly Flu to SARS-CoV-2. Corona already exists for a really long time. It includes all the wonderful variation names they invented over the years. Swine Flu, Mexican Flu, etc. Even SARS and HIV. In all these years they have never been able to isolate the virus. Not even these days. Still they made a vaccine? Based on what then? PCR should never been used for any of this. It's the biggest hoax in history.

I'm sure it's above his pay grade. 🙄 In reality, it's well below his PAY OUT.

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