The stinking rich Globalists keep moving the goalposts. A fake pandemic based on a PCR test that should have never been used to show anything, while suddenly the Flu has disappeared worldwide. The vaccines are a Bonanza.

It’s not about any virus. The media are the virus. It is about scaring you over nothing to take your freedom away. To ultimately control you without limitations. This starts with a vaccine passport with which they will “give you freedom” you already had.

Don’t be that donkey.

@MartinJJ No flu vaccine ever. KungFlu 'jab' in 12-18 months (if you don't count the decades worth of killing animals in trials). Seems legit bro, can't see what you problem is. You one of them science deinalists? You don't deserve a car, that's science you know. 🕵️‍♀️

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