Iowa Governor Signs Bill Into Law Letting Residents Buy, Carry Guns Without Permits

"Individuals will still have to follow federal law and go through an instant background check to buy from licensed sellers each time they purchase a gun."

"Iowa now becomes one of 19 states in the U.S. that no longer requires law-abiding citizens to get a permit before carrying a gun for self-defense."

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@MartinJJ While I"m glad this is happening, I see this is nothing more than a prelude to a shooting war.

States are giving their citizens rights to do things to defend themselves, pro-actively, against proposed federal legislative/executive action.

I hear that as "Arm up now, folks, you might just need 'em sooner rather than later and we don't want to get in your way of being ready when that day comes"

@amiko @MartinJJ I’ve consistently said that CCW permit logs function as de facto gun registries for a long time now.

@NEETzsche @amiko @MartinJJ I mean, are you not put into a registry when you sign the FFL paperwork? You put your signature on the same paper as the gun you're picking up. (Texas)

@MartinJJ it's great to see that in an age where there are so many people screeching and pushing so hard for gun control, we are seeing states pull back on it more than ever. my state's getting constitutional carry next month. can't wait.

@Svantovit @MartinJJ Utah, I think 19 states including us and most recently Iowa have it confirmed.

@beardalaxy @MartinJJ Utah is gorgeous. If only you guys didn't have those wonky liquor laws...

@Svantovit @MartinJJ yeah it's weird. not too bad, i've never personally had problems with it because i don't like to get blasted drunk. the alcohol tax goes to school lunches for kids too so i'm alright with that, though no tax or lower tax would obviously be preferable.

@Svantovit @MartinJJ the main problem with utah is the lds church having billions in pharmaceutical stocks, and we've got a pretty bad opioid epidemic here, and a pretty high suicide rate, divorce rate, etc. that i attribute to the church quite a bit. our medicinal marijuana legalization bill got stunted by them too, basically.

@Svantovit @MartinJJ no place is perfect :P i'm generally happy with where i'm at, just wishing it could be better for other people.

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