WOW! Gab CEO Defies Tech Tyrants – Restores ALL of President Trump’s Tweets from Twitter — Trump’s Account on Gab

"Gab CEO Andrew Torba completely backed up President Trump’s Twitter account before it was deleted and recreated the president’s account on Gab."

That's an impressive task they did. With Taliban Jack deleting his Twitter account, he also deleted the historical archive of a President.

@MartinJJ I know they are slammed, but I think Cloudflare is cucking Gab.

@DrChris @MartinJJ A matter of time before Cloudflare drops them without warning citing "TOS violations" - they've done it before

@MartinJJ I've been on Gab a while and Trump's account has been set up to mirror all his tweets for a while... there is nothing impressive here.. they did that to try and lure trump to them and to use it for promoting the site... 😉

@MartinJJ today I heard him say that GAB has developed a new cell phone that is designed to completely block Google, etc, and most existing big tech organizations from accessing the device. It sounds incredible. It won't run on IOS tho, so much for my recently purchased Iphone


I got through long enough to take a look, and it was kind of cool. I doubt's the right way to go (the only centralized play which didn't end up sucking is craiglist), but it's taking a stand of sorts.

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