EXCLUSIVE: Democratic Director Reverses Position On Illegal Immigration After Investigating For Documentary

"Gujral expected the film to be“pro-illegal immigration and pro-caravan” until the director, a registered Democrat, but her position changed once she began digging in."

“On either side of the fence, illegal immigration is a bad idea, period,” Gujral told. She said no one wins except for the “coyotes, the corporations and maybe the politicians.”

Now votes Trump.

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No one should support illegal immigration - it instantly weakens and endangers the immigrant. We need to evaluate the issue humanely and create reasonable opportunities for legal immigration. Currently, the system works exactly as intended, creating a source of low wage workers with no rights - no accident.

@Marchpower Illegal immigration never is a good idea. That's why countries have borders. In principle anyone can become american via the legal route. Usually it's illegals with low wage jobs trying to survive without any rights.

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