'White Supremacist' Narrative Unravels: Whitmer Kidnap Suspect Attended BLM Rally, Another Called Trump A 'Tyrant'

"Again, there isn't a shred of evidence included in the FBI's criminal complaint, nor subsequent reporting, that the men adhered to a white supremacist ideology - a false narrative."

"And so, it appears that the FBI busted an anarchist, anti-government militia which plotted violence against elected officials - yet hated both sides of the aisle."

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@MartinJJ Just because 40% of Americans can read the internet and see all of the evidence that Whitmer's claims are a total lie does not do away with the fact that another 40% have been brainwashed by the M5M and assume that Trump ordered these people to do away with his opponents based on the outlandish claims made on CNN and MSNBC. This is just going to be a repeat of the "fine people hoax".

@cgarison It already is. There's a big part you can't save anymore from the fake MSM. They have become really good at their jobs. Activism that is, not journalism.

@MartinJJ The part that freakin' amazes me is that FoxNews is not talking about the fact the leader of this group was an Anti-Trumper. They are towing the line for CNN and MSNBC with this article.

@cgarison Fox ain't Fox anymore. They have gone left also since last year or so. They even hired Donna Brazile and some other leftist hotshots. It probably had to do with Roger Ailes leaving. Only some commentators like Hannity and Carlson are still conservative. It probably won't last long until they are gone also.

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