Girlfriend of Man Who Flew “White Lives Matter” Banner Fired From Her Job -- She rejected "intensive racial sensitivity training."

She refused re-education.

"This story once again emphasizes how Twitter and Facebook have just become giant doxxing platforms abused by hate mobs to ruin the lives of people who refuse to cower to political correctness."

"Meanwhile, Cambridge Professor Priyamvada Gopal, who tweeted, “white lives don’t matter,” gets to keep her job"


seems to me there should be a recourse in these cases. a legal one.

@Lonestar An anti-fired-because-guilty-by-association law?

@MartinJJ Get the fuck off Twitter and the ‘bag, nothing good comes from there.


That will be a problem 😵

But I can assure you, nothing bad ever came to me from those 😀

I never joined Twitter or Facebook to start with 😎

@MartinJJ for firing the employee?

you seem to be blaming people on Twitter instead of the company that actually made the decision.

@mewmew No doubt she should sue the company. Not that it will ever get her job back. You can't deny Twitter and Facebook are the megaphones where all this fake racist BLM bullshit stems from. Companies are attacked trough them - wich is bad for business - and that's why they ultimately fired her. Otherwise they wouldn't have given one fuck.

@MartinJJ It seems like you have a problem with capitalism then? Or freedom of speech?

Should I not be allowed to choose which companies I buy from based off of who they employ? Or share that choice with others?

@mewmew It's clear you have no interest in any serious answers. I suggest you go troll someone else with your dumb remarks.

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