Swedish Scientist Proposes Cannibalism to Fight Climate Change

A Swedish behavioural scientist has suggested that eating other people after they die could be a means of combatting climate change.


@Fakeologist @adam All great ideas appear to stem from Sweden, where they all are so happy with all the migrants from Africa and fighting climate change. Not to forget they believe overpopulation sucks big time. All that in a country with more space, trees and raindeer than people. If there where any conservatives left in that country, they would probably start consuming them first right away.

@adam If I cared enough to read the whole story I'd say it was fake. If not, it's sad to see that the eugenicists have found the perfect hoax to carry out their depopulation agenda.
@Fakeologist @adam


@fakeologist @Fakeologist First step is to get everyone used to the idea. It's the same as with eating bugs or feeding bugs to your pets. Besides the possible depopulation agenda, it's also a deliberate undermining of any cultural believes. Anything nationalistic has to be erased in favor of globalist ideas. Instead of the real agenda, man-made Climate Change has now become an awesome vehicle to promote more of it. All the greenfreaks (and kids) will be totally suckered into this also.


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