Mobs of Thieves Loot Multiple Best Buy Stores in Twin Cities on Black Friday

First San Fransisco, then Chicago and now in Minnesota.

"We are also working at the federal level to pass a law that would make the online re-selling of these stolen goods much more difficult, materially reducing the incentive to commit the crimes in the first place."

Only stolen items? I bet Amazon would love it if you can't sell anything online anymore. 🤔


UK Bureaucrats Ban Word ‘Christmas’ for Fear It Will Offend Minorities

“Don’t take COVID home for Christmas”

‘We have been advised by Cabinet Office that we should not use the word Christmas – as the Government campaign needs to be inclusive and some religions don’t celebrate Christmas”

Globalism. The deliberate destruction of cultures and religions. Anything that binds people into nations.

He "Should Pay For His Crimes": ASU Students Demand Expulsion Of Kyle Rittenhouse

The effects of leftist media on equally pathetic politically motivated student brains.

It's amazing in itself they simply kept telling his victims where black.

When a jury acquits someone of all charges, you are not a murderer, killer or whatever. But when even a President calls you a “white supremacist” before any investigation you know something is very wrong with the Administration.

The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Starting Today Will Not Be Livestreamed

"Either way, we are expecting fireworks and will follow developments as they occur..."

No. You won't hear shit.

Jack Dorsey To Step Down As Twitter CEO, CNBC Reports

"Trading in Twitter shares has been halted as investors await confirmation of news of Dorsey's departure."

"According to CNBC, Dorsey and the Twitter board have already decided on his successor, although it's not clear yet who that will be."

I just heard the Maxwell trial will be held in super Leftist New York.

My prediction:
We hear nothing interesting and she’ll walk free in the end.


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They are running ahead. Omicron wasn’t supposed to be launched until March 2022. Just like the introduction of the EU “green passports” Liberty stealing system. The masses must be responding well to their Fascist rules.

De Corona pas op het werk komt er gewoon

Pepijn van Houwelingen (FvD) legt uit wat er gaande is.

Klaus’ class of political “leaders” for the globalists plays the enslavement game well. The group exposing these Fascists is still too small to cause a mass awakening, but is slowly growing by the day.

Captain Globalism

“It will change you!”

Yup. Those Gene therapy mRNA jabs certainly change your DNA forever, while fucking up your immune system in the process also. Irreversibly. You literally ain’t human anymore after those.

I bet someone already patented it. You, that would be. Just like they wanted to patent all pigs before. That was Monsanto, now Bayer. Same big club, different department. What will they call the new species? Pigs? Yellow label in your ear with your worldly number?



It’s sort of funny how they now all blame and travel ban South-Africa. Wasn’t Tedros’ Greek alphabet supposed to prevent “racism”?

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@Johncdvorak @MartinJJ
read and translate this -thats what happening now every day on the ground -only in a few month -and it are only a few reports -imagine we would have a database to collect every case -----------------it would already be a few millions in a few month -

‘Fidel Is Alive’: Cuba Marks 5 Years Since Castro Death with Mandatory Mourning

If you think mandatory jabs are bad, go to a Communist country. They'll make you cry.

Florida Reports Lowest Coronavirus Cases per Capita as Blue States Surge

When you can't trust any of the numbers thrown at you anymore, you probably can't trust these either.

It's becoming more obvious we see quick rises in Covid problems in places and countries with the highest vaccination rates. Gibraltar or Israel are good examples, but there are many more. Results totally contrary to what a real proven vaccine usually does.

Gang of ‘Organized Burglars’ Loot Chicago Stores Ahead of Black Friday

Wasn't this like what @Johncdvorak spoke about on No Agenda happening in San Francisco also?

In Dutch we call this "proletarisch winkelen". A nice description for stealing from shops.

Never ever abuse your children like this! These parents should be locked up for stupidity.

Problem created by Governments
Reaction is the public outcry
Solution was already prepared

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