Supreme Court Shenanigans!

The Supreme Court simply explained (with cartoons).

Grey always does an awesome job explaining complicated stuff.

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Netherlands joins neighbours in tightening coronavirus restrictions amid surge in cases

So far we managed to pretty much avoid it, but Gitmo Nation Lowlands is on the road to mandatory face masks everywhere also now. The same rediculous WHO policies as in countries around us. It's just a matter of time. All the propaganda is there already. Most likely followed by new countrywide or local lockdowns. Let's destroy the economy completely now over the bullshit media virus.

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‘LGBT ideology’ rooted in MARXISM & NAZISM, Poland’s new education minister believes

In case you don't know, Poland already has a pretty much conservative stance, reflected in it's government. Somewhat equal to Hungary. Of course they are always on a collision course with the globalist EU, who are always promoting all the Progressive stuff to fuck up the nations.

Of course there are also leftist parties within Poland and for them appointing him is just oil on the fire

You'll be executed first, Twitter's woke ex-CEO tells tech businessmen who wish to steer clear of politics

According to him you are now a 'me-first capitalist' if you only want to focus on your business.

I think Swiss Redbull set the tone a while back firing the 'woke' american CEO and activists. Later other companies also wisely declared not going along with all the woke activists in their organisations.

His 'Revolution' makes no sense. Most real Globalists are rich.

Rush Limbaugh: Joe Biden, Chris Wallace Were ‘Ganging Up’ on Donald Trump

In a few minutes Limbaugh sums it up quite nicely. How a real debate actually got killed all the time. (Note the transcript below is actually not the part in the video).

Who Is Steve Scully, the Moderator for the Second Presidential Debate?

As I have no idea, this was the first article that popped up. Marie Claire appears to know him rather well 😎

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Report: Moderators at Future Debates May Be Allowed to Cut Off Mics

"The second debate will be hosted by Steve Scully of C-SPAN, and the third debate will be hosted by Kristen Welker of NBC News"

It will have a different format. Instead of the moderator calling the shots, the style will be more of a town hall meeting, and questions will come from the citizens of Miami, Florida, where the second debate will take place.

No need to guess why they now want to cut off mics

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In the 70s it was global cooling, then in the 80s/90s/2000s it was Global warming, then it was climate change, the climate crisis.

I remember back in the 80s & 90s bigger temp swings than what we see in my area, more snow, more severe storms. This is just the cycle of the earth.

Checking my acc. on the YT app, I noticed an 'Incognito' option. Turned it on and as usually YT starts to flood you with suggested videos. Totallly different from when I'm logged on. Many "discuss debate". Trying some, It was clear all of them where just "bad Trump/praise Biden", no exception. Next I find some J. Kimmel. Normally I can't watch that, gave it a try expecting comedy. He had B. Sanders on. Just a repeat of all the Biden BS. Kimmel acknowledging everything. American tv is terrible 😞

London Court Hears Details Of CIA Plot To Poison Julian Assange, Steal DNA From Family Members

Holy crap!

The Spanish front company in charge of security of the London Ecuadorian Embassy also doubled as a spyclub for the CIA. They spied on everything he did.

"The owner of Spanish security company obsessed over whether Assange was father of child who was brought into Ecuador embassy. He ordered diaper to be stolen for DNA testing."

Not reported on your MSM of course.

Two Crucial Things Emerged From The First Presidential Debate

I would really like to know how that filibuster thing about packing the SC came to be. I'm not familiar with that.

Of course Biden is the puppet for the globalists, just like super progressive Harris. It really could mean the end of the US as you know it. Probably not right away when Trump is elected, but maybe in the future when another globalist sponsored Democrat President appears?

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Kyle Rittenhouse Attorney Threatens to Sue Joe Biden for False ‘White Supremacist’ Accusation

Taking Biden to court for a defamation lawsuit. Taking Facebook to court for a false mass murderer claim.

He also represented Nick Sandmann before against CNN and WaPo.

I think most Americans will simply agree with Biden that "Antifa is just and idea" while their neighborhood is vandalized, shops looted, arsoned, cars vandalized, people get shot and abused.

It's pretty amazing someone wanting to be president even claims such rediculous things with so much overwhelming evidence against it. Maybe Biden should give this business owner a call and see what he thinks. Nice man that criminal George Floyd, right?

Portland Police taking down rioters in targeted arrests on Presidential Debate night

Portland, Oregon: While Presidential Debate moderator Chris Wallace was asking Joe Biden if he had made a call to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to put an end to the violence and civil unrest, Portland Police Bureau were in the streets (on riot night 120+) in the never ending cat and mouse game with the usual mix of protesters and rioters.

"Teargas Teddy" turned down NG help.

Lasse Burholt

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NYT readers in rebellion, ‘canceling subs’ en masse after unfavorable Biden fact-check tweet

'The tweet contains a screenshot of its fact-checking coverage, which includes a debunked quote from Joe Biden. “We left him a booming economy. And he caused the recession.” '

'The so-called paper of record unceremoniously analysed this claim under the title, “This is false,” much to the chagrin of its loyal readers'

No doubt the leftitst mob will force the NYT to change it 😎

They should forbid idiots like Senator Leahy with super shitty sound and not talking about anything related to the investigation into Comey.

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