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Encouraging video showing Americans still have a spine and stick up for MAGA hat wielding dude

Trump: Defund ‘Radical Left’ Universities; Orders Review of Tax-exempt Status

“Too many Universities and School Systems are about Radical Left Indoctrination, not Education”

STUNNING: FBI Now Refuses to Provide Documents on Seth Rich’s Brother and a DOJ Attorney (Who Admitted Meeting with Mueller Gang on Seth Rich Case) Due to Privacy Concerns?

"[..] the FBI is declining to provide any documents related to former DOJ Attorney Sines per a FOIA request [..] Sines publicly stating she discussed the Seth Rich case with the Mueller gang"

Also FOIA requests related to Seth Rich’s brother who may be involved in the transfer

Just trust the FBI...

New evidence shows FBI knew General Flynn was not ‘agent of Russia’ but prosecuted him anyway

"The entire process is without precedent [..] Mueller’s probe was supposed to get Trump impeached and invalidate the 2016 presidential election, and though it failed the mainstream media and Democrats continue to insist on ‘Russiagate collusion.’ As the new documents show, all of it rests on the prosecution of Flynn, and falls apart entirely if he walks."

Just trust the FBI...

Serbian police arrest 71 protesters, including Brit, as mayhem over Covid-19 restrictions continues

"The Serbian capital was consumed by unrest for the fourth night in a row on Friday"

President Aleksandar Vucic wanting to start another Corona lockdown didn't work out too well. The police started to beat up protesters right away and ever since it all didn't get much better.

Now the accusations go back and forth between the government and the protesters.

North Korea warns UK will ‘pay price’ for brazen sanctions, and calls it ‘US puppet’

'It [NK] also cautioned that, after it leaves the European Union to assert its own identity, the UK should not “blindly follow the US.” '

“The UK will definitely be made to pay the price”

Ok. That's it! Stop that Brexit! We can't have NK mad.

Ghislaine Maxwell seeks bail, citing coronavirus, and denies Jeffrey Epstein charges

Dilemma: Do we want her to die of COVID-19 in jail before she talks in court? 🤔

Not that it will be anything exiting what she will say, if even saying anything.

‘Black Lives Matter’ Mural Painted Over to Read ‘All Lives Matter’ in Chicago

All Lives Matter

I hope they keep painting it over until everyone understands 'Black Lives Matter' is actually very racist.

That besides the organisers being true Marxist trained terrorists with a totally different agenda than portrayed in the MSM and on social media.

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Serbian defense minister says protests are ‘COUP ATTEMPT’, aim to spark CIVIL WAR

In Serbia the government tried a second cufew because of Corona. That didn't work out too well with mass protests for days. Now the defense minister tries to spin it like it was a coup.

"Meanwhile, President Vucic backtracked on the curfew. The government is expected to try other measures, including shortened hours for public spaces and fines for those not wearing protective masks"

University Of Delaware Sued Over Biden's Hidden Senate Records

"Biden has refused to allow a search of the roughly 1,875 boxes of documents and 415 gigabytes of electronic records."

After the university of Delaware first refused a FOIA request from the Daily Caller News Foundation, now Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit for the records of Joe Biden.

Who knows what dirt they may dig up from that pile? If he's got nothing to hide, why does he worry so much?

Judge in Michael Flynn Case Won’t Dismiss: Appeals to Full D.C. Circuit

Judge Sullivan still refuses to dismiss the Flynn case. He's now like a sort of a rogue judge trying to keep it going no matter what orders he received.

You can trust the justice system...


Als je ziet wat onze overheid heeft voorgesteld om in de noodwet te zetten, kun je maar één ding concluderen: Nederland is Nederland niet meer.

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California couple charged with HATE CRIME for painting over city-approved BLM mural

DA Becton praised BLM as “an important civil rights cause that deserves all of our attention,” insisting “we must address the root and byproduct of systemic racism in our country.”

Read about her corrupt background. Financed by George Soros, who has made no secret of his desire to get “progressive” prosecutors appointed across the US.

Of course the painted statement is racist like hell

Deutsche Bank hit with $150M penalty over Jeffrey Epstein ties

Deutsche Bank already wasn't doing too great almost going bankrupt, but it's peanuts.

This week Google Cloud announced investing 13 billion euro until 2022 to upgrade the IT infrastructure, creating payment systems and doing data analysis.

I suggest all european customers now find themselves another bank. Unless you want everything you do scrutinized like they are basically now ordered to do.

Florida man fired from insurance firm after Costco mask outburst

Another Karen triggers someone to get fired. All this useless mask shit is not healthy for anyone.

Joe Biden Enlists Clinton/Obama Loyalist, Tom Steyer to Advise on Climate Change

“Browner and Biden helped President Obama kill 50,000 high-paying coal jobs, and with Steyer, they will undoubtedly target the hundreds of thousands of jobs in the fracking industry."

Steyer is a real idiot.
Biden also pledges to join the WHO again.
Biden still spreads the Russia, Russia, Russia conspiracy.

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You reap what you sew... and the rest of us suffer for it. We didn't forget how you participated in creating this atmosphere of shutting down opinions you didn't like.

"Letter signed by J.K. Rowling, Noam Chomsky warning of stifled free speech draws mixed reviews"

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