@adam isn’t mucking around.
If you have a question about anything on earth, No agenda Social is the place to ask.
Mr. Curry, I was an asshole to you a few weeks ago and I’d like to publicly apologize to you. Your efforts in tech have paid off in ways you could never know and are helping people in the most amazing ways.
Mad respect, sir.

@adam that the funny thing about being an asshole. The person you were an ass to likely doesn’t remember and I’M the one left holding the damage until I get it off the chest.
Thank you, sir.

@MartinDeLaToot That can be true...however, I for example, usually remember very clearly when people are assholes to me. Guess it just depends on the individual/personality if they remember or not.

Glad you got the chance to get it off your chest and make it right. That shit can eat away at you for sure.

@CynicalFucker that, sir, made me smile.
That has been difficult of late and I thank you!

@MartinDeLaToot @adam

I swear it's the future. 😜 👍

I hit a guy I work with in the mouth. It was fantastic, first legit time I knew I'd found a convert since episode sub 100.

I wish him all the best in his journey, should he have already found his way here.

So heartwarming to share that in public. I must get myself to a meetup. Screw my introversion. I'll Uber it and bring my friend Jack Daniels if I have to.

This is powerful people. Be glad you're here, and part of this. 👏 🍻 🇦🇺

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