I think having a private megazord would be pretty sweet

There are more than 10 million words in the English language. You tellin me you can’t find anything better than “Fuck Joe Biden” or “Fuck Trump”? That’s just sad.

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I can’t stand current political protests. Fuck this, fuck that. These people are Nazis, that guy is literally Hitler. There’s zero imagination in this stuff. You can go to any middle school and hear fuck this/that. Use your imagination, folks.

Haven’t listened today yet. Is the show half donation segment again?

I had a gout nugget removed from a finger yesterday. It’s REALLY disconcerting when you hear a doctor scraping on your bones.

It’s 3rd and 1 and the offense runs a play.
Analyst: It’s all gonna depend on where they spot it.

This is where I start yelling “No shit!” at the tv.

Can we tell Ukraine to piss off yet? I just spent $30 on a chicken meal at KFC. Fuck Ukraine.

Apparently the oil change guys are all taking a break at the same time🍻

There are 3 Os in tomorrow and they’re all pronounced differently

Today I saw a guy wearing a motorcycle helmet that looked like a chicken head. It was yellow and fuzzy. All I could think of was Peter Griffin fighting the chicken.

Positive step today. The transplant center called and said my wife’s a match and can donate her kidney to me!

Saw my wife showering and I found myself pondering her orbs.

I love it when I make anti-Trump comments and MAGA comes after me telling me how much I live Biden.
No, I want them ALL in prison, good sir.

In case anyone wonders where I stand: democrats and republicans can eat a bag of dicks.

“How did I get covid? I just had my 4th booster a month ago.”
-Nurse friend of mine that swears by Fauci

Breaking: King Charles has reinstated the law where he gets to bang your wife the night of your wedding.

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