I used to work for CCP early in college.
They were better known as Party Pics and Glamor Shots. Processing those damned glamor shots was my time in a gulag.

My wife is borrowing her father’s really nice Navigator whilst our attorney gets our car back. I went to the store and parked in an unusual spot.
Wife comes out- “Where’s the car”
Me- It got repo’d
Wife- punches my arm
Me- laughs maniacally

I have a new mission in life.
I am meant to help other people.
The only problem, I don’t know how.
I was always super good at talking kids off the edge of a cliff, diffusing really bad situations and that kind of thing. My heart is in helping kids in tough spots, I just don’t have a way to do it anymore. I have zero transportation and I wear out physically super fast, but I want to be useful somehow.
Any ideas??

Did anyone make a deal out of Simone Biles not being able to use her adderall at the olympics? Is it possible that if you remove the meth she was on she’s inferior?

@ChrisWilson is the only Aussie I’ve ever heard sing with an accent and I love it.
Congratulations on some great music.

**Breaking News**
Dr Jill got her foot stuck up Kampala’s ass

I would like either @PawelK or @CSB to do me a flavor. I am Polish-American and have always wondered how a native Pole pronounces my last name.
Can one of you dudes help a brother out?

I mean, I understand I owe these people money. We went behind 30 days today. They were told about the bankruptcy. They’re, by law, supposed to contact our attorney prior to any recovery efforts. Now we have zero transportation.
It really sucks.

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To get my disability benefits, I have to pay an attorney 25% of my back pay. That’s fine, I guess. Their fee is allowed by law. The repo company gets to charge me $45 for my license because the government allows them to.
What I’m learning is, if you’re poor, the government allows the vultures to come in and charge you money for your own stuff. Paying a lawyer is fine. Paying a guy to take my car and hold my stuff hostage is not.

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I’m currently experiencing the poor tax.
We are going through bankruptcy, I alerted the credit union. They repossessed my one and only car last night with us being exactly 30 days behind. My wallet was in the car. Now I have to somehow get to the “agency” and pay them $45 to get my possessions back. The lawyer is getting the car back, eventually. My wife has to ask our kids to drive 20 miles out of their way to get to school.

I’m so motivated, I’ve shaved twice this week. Hasn’t happened in years.

Didn’t “they” tell us the vaccine won’t keep you from spreading the virus? My memory is shot, but I know I heard that from official sources.
Why is Biden saying the unvaccinated are spreading everything? I mean, other than media won’t check him on it.

I always told my students I was writing a book called “Stupid Stuff I Saw In School”
That might be a best seller and I could make a star out of a few kids.

I’m a teacher. It pains me to see my own typos and I really want an edit button on mastodon.

What I’m trying to say, apparently as long as possible, is get off your ass and do something about the shit in your life.

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Earlier this year I was complaining of sleeping 16 hours a day. Kind of undervalue with my health, but it sucked. Somehow (God) I got a touch of motivation. Now I exercise a little. Somehow that has turned into total motivation. I’m sleeping 8 hours, doing more chores. I’m about to start driving Uber to make a little scratch.

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