Do not EVER grab your chest at any clinic ever. They immediately think you’re having a heart attack and they WILL make a huge fuss.

3 years ago I could kill a large pizza with no problem. Today I ate 2 pieces and feel like I’m gonna pop.
I have a thigh gap a lot of women would be hella jealous of too😂

“Dude, you left your bag hanging in the bathroom.”
Is the new you forgot to flush at my house🤦🏽‍♂️

Suggestions needed for dealing with a shit-load of cardboard boxes. I have a consistent supply headed my way and it seems hella wasteful to just throw them away and there’s no recycle option out here on the farm.

Meteor’s are out tonight. Go outside and enjoy them.

Adam and JCD are discussing John King having MS and not knowing why it makes him immunocompromised. The first line treatment for that, and a ton of autoimmune disease is steroids. They put you on MASSIVE doses, 100mg or more. That destroys your immune system.
I had a cat scratch my leg on July 4 and it didn’t heal until after Christmas.
Steroids fuck you up in horrible ways.
Stay off of them!!

My granddaughter looks identical to her father (that age) and I can’t get enough of it😍

I’m at Shawn’s Sushi. Shawn doesn’t look like me AT all👍🏽

Earlier I misspoke. I said I undergo a 20 step process. I was wrong. It’s 35.

Dialysis Training, Day 3
I’ve learned how to fill/drain myself. I’m supposed to do it solo at home tonight. The only worry I have is infection. They’ve literally put the fear of God in me with all the sanitizing I have to do. I HAVE to mask up anytime I’m going in. My dog can’t be in the room, I have to shut the air vents. It’s a 20 step process and if I deviate a lady slaps my hand😂
Next week I learn how to use the machine and I won’t have to do it myself.
Yay automation!

I wouldn’t function well as a wealthy dude. I fed my kids hotdogs and boloney sandwiches.

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This same school has kids showing up for lunch with pre-made Bento boxes. 1 kid last year showed up with one and by the end of the week they all had one. Except for the poor apartment kids that live next door😐

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There are some things I can easily imagine/fantasize. I’ve always been middlish class, so I cannot imagine most of the finer things in life. Like picking my children up in a golf cart in my multi million dollar neighborhood.

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My beloved wife is the assistant principal at the most affluent district in central Oklahoma. Yesterday she rode the bus with a crew of extremely naughty kids. Her jaw dropped when they pulled into the $million neighborhood. The jaw picked up and fell again when ALL of the kids were picked up by their mothers riding golf carts. I couldn’t stop laughing when she told me.
There was a time when 1 rich gal did that and ALL of the mothers had to copy it.
That’s the scene I want to witness.

Almost went to “Shawn’s Sushi” for lunch.
The name scared me away.
I’m going tomorrow and Shawn BETTER NOT LOOK LIKE ME AT ALL!
If the dude doesn’t look at least a little tan, I’m walking out.

@Peaceandprosperity my super duper dab pen showed up today. It is a fantastic product!

Here’s the draining bag. Watch at your peril. Like it’s gross or something🙄

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