You’re going hard in the paint here at the end of the pre-stream!

You’ve already achieved knight status. A squire is a knight in training and/or serves a knight. You’re sub is adding to your nobility whilst I have yet to achieve it.

Imma need a ruling from the peerage committee on this, @adam.

Are people on subscriptions:
Water Boys

$1000 and above- you’re a knight.
I’m on a subscription; does that make me a squire??

This looks, to me , an absolute outsider who doesn’t care about anything, that you’re kind of being a bit sensitive here. Statements like “you take what I say literally” are hard to digest. You’re communicating with people in different continents. Of course he’s going to take you literally: that’s how a large number of people communicate. Add that this is text based and it’s another level of miscommunication.

@adam’s initial breakdown of Coronavirus transmission is solid gold!😂😂 True enough and funny as hell.

‪Start you’re day off right. The Ass Hoe Gangnam way. ‬
‪You’re welcome. ‬


JCD seems to run out of steam during the donation segments lately. Methinks he needs some B12 and a coffee. STAT!

Burnin Down Milwaukee is a jam!🔥🔥🔥

Just got my first twitter ban. I told a porn actress she is a whore. Truth hurts.

I gotta have a link to the “That’s true” chicks. Anyone?

Kobe was a rapist. Mayybe we shouldn’t be celebrating him.

“We have mentally stable people donating.” -JCD
Not ALL of us are mentally stable, thank you very much.

Show 1205 is what finally opened my eyes to how deep the media corruption is. I have been aware of the WesClark7 for years, but it was that combined with his Wolfowitz claim along with the current obvious propaganda that sent me over the edge.

The world is a scary place and come to find out, we’re the bad guys.

Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest lyrics of all time!
You don’t charge my Tesla
You don’t toss my salad

@adam I’m wanting to start up in ham radio. What’s the cheap Chinese gear you’re always talking about on the show?

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