As a person who simply trundled into the emergency room with zero wait this morning, I can confidently state:
covid ain’t shit ‘round these parts.

I have questions…
Okla. College Professor Arrested & Fired After Allegedly Creating Disturbing Sexual Game, Recruiting Students

There is a bumpkin town here in Oklahoma whose police department uses a Yahoo!™️ email account!?

This guy is fuming.
All the grousing and begging I did led to nothing. The doctor’s office TOLD ME to go to the hospital and they would begin treatment. Instead, I got a nap and told to go home.
“I can’t pay for any meds.”
“We’re very sorry.”

I am officially done

You NA Social cats are pretty awesome!
I received a ton of well wishes, support, karma and such. My past few weeks have been less-than-wonderful and I really needed every bit of the love I got.
Thank you bunches!!

Calling and complaining/begging worked!
I go into the hospital in the morning to start dialysis. Thank you God!🎉🎊🥳👯‍♀️

To actually get something moving, I have to call repeatedly and beg for treatment.
Healthcare in this world is bullshit.
There are dudes on disability for bogus reasons and I’m actually suffering. I can’t get treatment because some guy says I should wait longer, allow myself to drop another 25 pounds and let my blood pressure go out of control.
All because a government agency MIGHT look at his paperwork more carefully.
Beyond frustrating

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She calls back a bit later and goes through the are you supposed to be on dialysis checklist. Any new symptoms?
So I list off the absurd symptoms I have.
“Oh! Lemme talk to the doctor.”

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I called my kidney doc today.
“I can no longer afford my meds, I haven’t been on them for 2 weeks. I need advice.”
Lemme see what resources there are.
“Lemme save you time. I’m a white male and that should give you the answer.”

I responded, yeah no.
I’ll be dead in less than a year, you’re political campaign is bullshit and I don’t care. If you want to affect kid’s education, try teaching them math instead of this bullshit.

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Call the governor’s office and tell him to veto the bill!! Our children’s future depends on it!

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I received a text bomb from my old teacher buddies yesterday. It seems Oklahoma is about to ban critical race theory and the LEEEEEFTIES I know are losing their collective mind.

Just checked local and national news headlines. There’s literally nothing of note happening in the planet today.
Everything on the news is contrived bull shit not worth anyone’s time not to mention a single argument.
In related news, my flowers started to bloom today.

It was good to know you, space program.
You brought us technologies decades before their time. You fascinated me from the time I fist saw you.
Alas, now you’re going the way of our border.

The way I sees it, vol 1:
•ALWAYS take the over with BIG12 football
•Activists have a vested interest in suppressing solutions
•If you have to think about it, take the extra hit
•NEVER talk to the cops
•If you have the chance to pee, take it
•You can’t smell porn
•If you want 2 cookies, take 3 and think about a 4th
•Fruit does not belong on pizza
•Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong

You ever see your dog chase birds away?
Mine just did it from inside the water😂

@darrenoneill @CSB and such- escape from New York and Snake Plissken on show art!!

Folks, here’s the deal- Biden is beyond fucked up.
I have toxins built up in my brain that my body simply cannot handle. In turn, I end up acting JUST like gruppenführer Biden. I always feel lost, like I’m forgetting something every time and everywhere I go. My family has to keep an eye on me in certain situations because of my dementia-like actions.
Personally, I’d rather they just rip off the bandaid and install Frau Harris and end this despicable charade.

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