“If we had something where you can say ‘Hey, I support the vaccine effort and have been vaccinated, I’m safe to be around.’ then that would help us as we start to open back up.”
I’ll take Fuck that guy for $800, Alex.

The school principal calls me in.
“Did you actually try and racially intimidate Felix?”
No and you can pull up the video of the incident. I didn’t know he was there and was just making my buddies laugh.
“Well he thinks you’re a white supremest now.”
That’s cool, maybe he’ll stop asking me stupid questions now.
We laughed and laughed.
Felix is dead now

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My middle son bought a pickup his senior year of high school. It was beat up and, being the funny redneck he is, he installed a horn that sang the Rebel Anfhem just like the General Lee.
I needed to move a bunch of football gear at school so I used it one day. I drove up, saw my buddies and played the horn. Rigggght as it sounded, the biggest SJW at the school came around the corner and was hit with the full blast of my Rebel horn.
He dropped his coffee and reported me to the boss😂

I struggle mightily with the “healthcare workers are heroes” message our media pushes.
From my experience, healthcare professionals treat you like cattle, spend as little time as possible with you and do nothing other than see if you’re ok.
It’s the low-paid people that actually do shit at hospitals. Nurses, for example, the only thing a nurse ever did for me was start an IV. After that it’s always immigrants that took care of me. Never a nurse or doctor.
Hell, just doctors come in and say hi.

No Agenda Social is chock-full of weirdos.
How do I know?
A few of my jokes actually land here😂

I thought December 7th was Asian American day. It’s good to learn new things.

There are a few benefits to being disabled with messed up health.
I can’t lift anything over 25 pounds w/o serious difficulty. Guess who doesn’t take out the trash or mow?
Need help moving?
I fart in your general direction
Oh, those tree branches need trimming?
Good thing the wife is a badass.
It’s the good life sans the good😂

Ladies and gentlemen, I have just seen a helicopter crop duster in the wild.
The farm next door is using it and I’ve never been more excited in my life!

As a person who simply trundled into the emergency room with zero wait this morning, I can confidently state:
covid ain’t shit ‘round these parts.

I have questions…
Okla. College Professor Arrested & Fired After Allegedly Creating Disturbing Sexual Game, Recruiting Students news9.com/story/6091e38d915468

There is a bumpkin town here in Oklahoma whose police department uses a Yahoo!™️ email account!?

This guy is fuming.
All the grousing and begging I did led to nothing. The doctor’s office TOLD ME to go to the hospital and they would begin treatment. Instead, I got a nap and told to go home.
“I can’t pay for any meds.”
“We’re very sorry.”

I am officially done

You NA Social cats are pretty awesome!
I received a ton of well wishes, support, karma and such. My past few weeks have been less-than-wonderful and I really needed every bit of the love I got.
Thank you bunches!!

Calling and complaining/begging worked!
I go into the hospital in the morning to start dialysis. Thank you God!🎉🎊🥳👯‍♀️

To actually get something moving, I have to call repeatedly and beg for treatment.
Healthcare in this world is bullshit.
There are dudes on disability for bogus reasons and I’m actually suffering. I can’t get treatment because some guy says I should wait longer, allow myself to drop another 25 pounds and let my blood pressure go out of control.
All because a government agency MIGHT look at his paperwork more carefully.
Beyond frustrating

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She calls back a bit later and goes through the are you supposed to be on dialysis checklist. Any new symptoms?
So I list off the absurd symptoms I have.
“Oh! Lemme talk to the doctor.”

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I called my kidney doc today.
“I can no longer afford my meds, I haven’t been on them for 2 weeks. I need advice.”
Lemme see what resources there are.
“Lemme save you time. I’m a white male and that should give you the answer.”

I responded, yeah no.
I’ll be dead in less than a year, you’re political campaign is bullshit and I don’t care. If you want to affect kid’s education, try teaching them math instead of this bullshit.

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