Part Four:

To understand them and maintain these friendships in spite of some differences of opinion is to BE an American. I do not have to vote or worship or make medical choices, as my friends or anyone else does...because America yet offers me safe harbor from tyranny. This is freedom “to be different” in action.

Think about it.

Part Three:

So! If you, in the passionate expression of your beliefs and preferences, become closed-minded, bigoted and hateful....are you not now part of the problem?

I have friends and family who have and will vote for Donald Trump Jr., and I cherish them in my life. They are a source of perspective almost entirely lacking in my home community, yet amply present in my country.

Part Two:

America is at its best when it’s citizens walk their talk. If we begin to copy the failing behavior of modern American politicians who have made intransigence their motto - then we will have lost the country entirely. Remember, politicians do not lead. The people lead, through the act of choosing who will represent them. I believe our primary problem stem from the weakened resolve of the people.

Part One:

Losing friends over politics is like losing friends over religion - and that’s about as UN-American as it gets.

Think about it.

If your tempest in a tea pot threatens long term relationships or is preventing new ones, consider what you are doing carefully.

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Hey @Marchpower I've been thinking about your request to suggest people to interview for your show. This article at Reason leads to an actual journalist:

but that made me realize that one of Google's victims is @fedilab who might be interested in speaking about this specific issue, if not the Fediverse in general.

Okay. Three reasons I am abdicating from voting in the Presidential election.

(1) This article explains the severe danger represented by the DNC and its collaborators:

(2) Biden’s recent, open and very public statements calling for government at all levels to mandate any and all upcoming vaccines for SARS-CoV2 (wrong on so many levels)

(3) The pre-Covid primary was blatantly manipulated & the men on the ballot were chosen for us - not by us - I won’t vote sanction it.

In what Universe do we find ourselves choosing between Trump and Biden? I’m in the wrong dimension!!!

All politicians sell out at some level. It's literally their job to act on behalf of others. In November, removing Trump from the White House is an excellent goal. Statements made WHILE serving as the President of the United States of America warrant it. Thoughts?

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