Our first new human resource, born this morning, on a show day. I cannot be more proud! Welcome to gitmo nation little dude.

New human resource inbound shortly. $9.8 mil right?

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Anybody ever try to make a map of No Agenda Network shows?

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Thank you Dave Chapelle. I believe in stand up comedy again.

Fellow producers, be on the look out. *Butter* is about to come under siege. Prepare for an m5m and socmed all out assault in the coming months. You have been warned!

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Four years of grad school done. Just clicked the final submit button. Dude named Ben then, dude named Ben still lol.

@adam Daily Source Code album art screenshot in iTunes during WWDC!

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Had the MRI on the tumor today.

Old size - 7cm at biggest dimension.
New size - 3.5cm at biggest.

Waiting to find out when the surgeon can schedule me.

If it's within a couple of weeks, we do it.

If it's going to be more than that, I'll do Round Five of chemo (one day) next week, and catch the surgery three weeks later.

Thanks to ALL of you for the karma.

Noagendashop t shirt idea: crazy back of the napkin math written all over with" = Al Gore'sa liar" at the end.

@adam I noticed my Chase cash rewards dollar amount showing up on Amazon stuff checkout, letting me choose that for payment. Never opted in or linked it. What's stopping them from charging you more/less for items based on your credit history?

Incredible book (and audiobook) about bacteria and critters in our homes. Stop using bleach and antibacterial!
Talks about the toxoplasmosis and others (seed man must have read it)

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