The explanation for the elephant podcast art on episode 949. It was not political and it was clip of the day.

Long ago a producer mentioned traveling with nasal passage cleansing spray. He would spray alcohol or some sort of disinfectant into his nasal cavities and he swears he never got sick. Can anyone remember what the spray product it?

Smart Water Meters are going to be dystopian. Water utilities will be able to track usage in near real time and based on the flow rate and flow time, can deduce what the water is used for. They can analyze and sell the data or send it to the city to fine you for improper use.

Sprinklers on after the sun comes up? Fee.
Shower on too long? Fee.
Laundry again already? Fee.
Flushed the toilet 4 times in the night? Send that data to the insurance company, up the premiums.

No Agenda Episode 1458 - Live No Agenda Episode 1458 - Live

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"Well do it LIT!"

via CurioCaster

When Mastodon 3.5.0 releases, it will add trending posts (like hashtags are now), the ability to edit posts, and a few other nice things.

Once released, NAS will go offline the following weekend to accommodate the upgrade. Should only be a few hours.

Can anyone explain what is going on with my Audible purchase here...I have no coupon for 1 cent.

A good case for anarchism.

Private citizens doing the work of investigating a criminal cold case and putting in hard work. They are motivated by curiosity, and obviously by money.

High school friends have a cassette themed band. We are mid-range millennials.

Super Cassette, check them out.

I can't listen to Leana Wen clips. I find the way she talks disgusting. The cadence and the strange humming tick just is so gross.

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