This got my Facebook account flagged just now. A Covid warning.....there is nothing about covid in this picture....

If he had a badge, the cop's would be calling him a hero...

Kyle Rittenhouse is no hero

Kyle Rittenhouse is no hero.He’s been accused and condemned by an incompetent and highly politicized prosecutor, but he’s no hero.He has been found not guilty of various felonies, including intentional homicide, by a jury of his peers, but he’s no hero.He has been vilified and falsely ac

Hello NAS users,

I am happy to announce that, after much delay, is now open to everyone on NAS!

The site lets you use your NAS account to make a more detailed profile (as detailed as you want). You can then search for or match with others based on those details. It's my attempt at the NA dating site that people have wanted, but I've made it so you can use it for just finding friends too. It will be open to more instances in the future, but for now it is a NAS exclusive.

Not that I'm planning on getting hospitalised but I need one of these

[email protected]@K--from the megaphone at the top of my Home stream...

"Announcement · Nov 09 - Nov 15
NAS will be up and down this weekend for server maintenance (gotta blow out dust, migrate DB, add another worker machine). Love is lit."

Ford Eluminator e-crate motor sells out in days - Roadshow - Ford says demand wildly exceeded expectations, and now we'll need to hang tight if we wan... -

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