Putins speech was good

PSA: if you voted for Joe Biden, you’re uninvited from my birthday!

Poke holes in my emergency power plan:

AIMs 220 split phase inverter/charger (85amp 24v battery charger)

Tri fuel generator 4kw with auto start

Two lithium batteries for 24v

Manual transfer switch, it’s for emergencies it doesn’t have to be automatic

Propane would be the primary fuel because it stores forever, with ng and gas as options

Putin plays global politics just like I do in Total War or Civ games. “Why did you put your city in the exact same spot as my future city?”

I walked behind a diesel truck yesterday. Feeling sick today, I think I have the Black Lung pop…

It would have been worse too if the truck was running.

New shooting term:

Kentucky windage: aim away 1/2 a degree into the wind to hit your target

Florida windage: aim away 89 degrees into the wind to hit your target

We are 2-3 years away from being told about “necrophilia acceptance” and why we need to progress past our fear of it. I wonder what the replacement word will be for it. Maybe “Unliving attracted person”?


So I found talk of the OnStar connector being a “ Amphenol Fakra” brand. I found this in google:

Attached is a picture I took from inside my 2017 Chevy bolt dash. Looks similar.

I may try and track down one and see if I can add a terminator to it. Other idea is I’m going to try wrapping aluminum foil around my phone to see if that attenuates it and if so I’ll try wrapping it around the OnStar, that would same me time in tracking down connectors!

RF question:

So on my Chevy I found the OnStar box and unplugged both antennas (gps and cell)

The GPS appears totally dead but every now and then the cell ui has a bar and appears to be able to dial out.

The question: without opening up the box, is there a way I can attenuate/degrade the signal further than what I have already done? Something I can plug into the antenna slot?

Saw a video of Ted Cruz on Rubmle. He needs to do some cruzing on a tredmill, he's getting THICK

Multiple bombs going off in Sweden.

Maybe we have been wrong all along, and by “greatest strength” they meant the strength of the blast?

I realize “helicopter tours” have been in fashion since 1973, but perhaps it’s time to change that?

What about Rocket Tours now?

How TF do bond indexes go up when the feds announce a rate hike? Is there a delay for when the discount happens?

Sun Zoo says:

Be so insane that your enemies will be immobilized trying to understand you.

Master tactician Biden is preventing China from invading Ukraine and capturing Intel and GME's computer design spreadsheets with his FAKE dimentia!


Wait what? Isn’t this a case where the gun manufacturer SHOULD be held accountable? If the trigger doesn’t move and the gun fires, that’s a defective design

Regarding the US digital dollar:

I think the rest of the world should be more afraid than US citizens at this power escalation. If our child predator in chief can pull it off he will be able to bully your country around like never before.

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