@Maggotaur It's OK. He wont be a Prince too much longer.
I hear by March 2021.

dailymail.co.uk/femail/article '
'What if every single one of us was a raindrop?': Prince Harry asks 'what's the point of bringing children into the world if it's on fire' but says we can beat climate change by 'relieving the parched ground''

''What if every single one of us is a snowflake?': Prince Harry could have asked

@Maggotaur I'm not paying attention to his propaganda. Unless it's shown to me on The Crown, it's not real.

@Maggotaur What? Not familiar with The Constitution?


The Left can't meme.

It'll be a lockdown this Christmas,
a lockdown for all,
there'll be a lockdown this Christmas,
pan dem(on)i(a)c fuc*s I know!
The global cult oh so cold,
Morgoth will not let go,
this Christmas!

Lyrics by me, based on 'Lonely this Christmas' by the Coronaking Lives(Elvis); Elvis Presley

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