Everyone hear about those Raybans...?

Fucking clown shoes.

The Mistress of Truth... I can't even 😂 . It's like a "woke" 1984. I love it.

You really can't make this shit up @adam . (R)eality is nothing if not fucking funny.

NAS, please help, I'm trying to square some cognitive dissonance:

If bodily autonomy was not a concern for many people (not necessarily here but generally) when everyone "had" to get "vaccinated" AND the "vaccines" might have rendered many people infertile...

Why are so many people who now very likely can't even have children NOW concerned with bodily autonomy?


I believe I had Canadian Bikers after the snowfall on my bingo card.

Favorite part of the show. Thank you all producers!

Wednesday: the hardest day for No Agenda listeners.

Depending on how much I'm wanted, this might invalidate any idea of application (yes, I know, relax): to spook or not to spook?

Also, is there such a thing as a noble spook?

Wow, that was amazing... I'm triggered by that clip talking about my childhood trauma ;).

It's getting loving lit and it's not the troll room:

Even @Johncdvorak is trying to figure it out ;).

I don't know why I didn't think about this before but @adam @Johncdvorak here's a layup, baby ;).


Love is fucking lit.

No Agenda Nation:

I saw a chart or a graph image here months ago with like... literally all conspiracy theories represented over time like with ancient aliens, secret societies, yada yada.

I'm hoping some plucky producer knows what I'm talking about and can link it to me again.

I still desperately need to know: @adam @Johncdvorak I know Canada isn't a hot topic anymore but someone needs to tell me where the fuck is Tom Marazzo and is he a spook?!

Alright, I'm making a stand. The donation segment might be the best part of the best podcast in the Universe. There, I said it.

Love is lit, I am grateful for all producers, and thank you for your courage!

Take down Slack... @adam , now that's "4D" chess. Who knew the exit strategy was going to be paid for by VP when you get kickbacks on that one. (CurryDvorak consulting, if you're good, never do it for free ;)).

Listening to yesterday but... jeepers, blocking trans-women from leaving Ukraine. Smdh.

ARPA-H honestly sounds like it could be a complete nightmare...

@PartisanNightSlut why don't they display the names of the Senators or Parliamentarians throughout their entire speaking periods... it is boggling.

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