Well, that's it for today. I hope any "Stand Up For Nuclear" day of action event you might of been able to attend was successful. Thank you for putting up with my barrage of posts, today. I promise, I'll keep it to every once in a while, until next year's "Stand Up For Nuclear" day of action.

Nuclear energy is the only abundant, clean energy source that maintains and lifts current standards of living.

Solar farms take up 450x as much space as an equivalent energy output nuclear power plant. A wind farm takes up to 700x as much space

Part 2: Nuclear electricity has a power density of at least an order of magnitude greater than that of renewable energy. Power densities are comfortably above 100 W/m² ... up to 1,000 W/m² (24 hours a day, 365 days a year).

Part 1: Nuclear energy has the highest energy density of all forms of energy. It can be as much as 6,000x as much energy per unit weight as coal. This density is measured in W/m² (Watts per square meter) A large scale wind farm is 2-3 W/m² (0 when there is no wind). Around 20 W/m² in desert solar farms, whereas solar farms in Germany generally achieve 5 W/m² (again, 0 from sundown to sunup).

Nuclear energy waste is stored on the reactor plant site. Keeping it safe (less than 250 deaths in more than 50 years, worldwide. None attributable to storage) and easy to keep track of. Fossil fuel & coal plants stores the majority of their waste in the sky and it kills over 7 million people per year, worldwide (World Health Org.).

Today is "Stand Up For Nuclear" day around the world (don't expect coverage on your local news, but I hope so). If your serious about than you need to be serious about energy. Still not convinced? Please start here: youtu.be/ciStnd9Y2ak

"Orders" ?!? ... like they do in communist, socialist, authoritarian goverments!?!?
NYTimes:Trump Orders American Companies to ‘Start Looking for an Alternative to China’ nyti.ms/30oNQEV

Regardless of what you think of Fed Chairman comments/speech... follow up comments in response prove his idiocy supreme. They just do.

You know, voters turned their back on Hilary Clinton because they assumed, portrayed, projected that she was the "chosen one"... f#@kin' tRump ... literally ... said he is the ...

"...and promote renewables on public lands." So, solar panels on the mesas of Arizona?
And none of this screed actually speaks to how she proposes clean energy should be produced. Which technologies does she support?

"But the one nagging problem that Sidewalk doesn’t seem to be able to put to bed is privacy. The plan proposes data collection on an unprecedented scale..." Oh, hell no

That's why it's the "First Amendment", because it's the most important Amendment... FULL STOP. And guess what, it's ok to yell "fire" in a crowded theater.... WHEN IT'S ON F#@KING FIRE!!! 😆 nyti.ms/2XxSwpH

"Socialism, the antithesis of capitalism, was advocated as the only road to Africa’s prosperity… and in its wake followed economic atrophy, repression and dictatorship" ...

If kindergarten first teaches us anything, is that "two wrongs don't make a right".(screenshot of actual ticket check-out of event ... eventbrite.com/e/afrofuture-fe)
An "explanation" for this ticketing policy is on their website. I'll let you find it, because it's kinda humorous (?) and I don't want to be a spoiler 😆

There ya have it...
Russia's state TV is obsessively bashing Trump's "low energy," "weak" parade with "rusty tanks." The hosts LOL at Trump's claim about "revolutionary war airports" & other historical flubs. "There's your city upon a hill, there's your world leader—and Martians have been defeated." t.co/wiw2OcFCLN

When you see the vast acreage it takes to pursue energy, when a power plant takes 1/450th of that acreage to produce the same amount of , with less impact on the (land, animal & air)... You're literally being distracted by shiny objects

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