@MacTexas6818 Even if I was 70+ and I had those odds at the black jack table, I would be DOUBLING DOWN EVERY SINGLE HAND!

And the odds are much better if you are in reasonably good health. Those numbers include all the people with health problems.

Or the chance of dying from Covid-19 (formerly known as the Flu)


WHO: 0.15% globally, which is almost the same as the average Flu season. In their statistics the Flu has almost completely disappeared. 🤔

Compared to all the risks of dying from other things, this is absolute peanuts, but apearantly enough to lock everyone up. It's amazing how totally unjustified fear can do crazy things with the brain.

@MacTexas6818 even this is out of context as it takes us all the way back to the beginning when we had no idea whats going on. id like to see those numbers in context of the last 90 days with better treatment protocols

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