Fusion GPS Founders Are Writing A Book, Will Defend Steele Dossier As ‘A Pretty Prescient Document’

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BREAKING: A federal judge DISMISSES the DNC's lawsuit against the Trump campaign, Russia, WikiLeaks et al. with prejudice, and DENIES the Trump campaign's sanctions motion.

Videos of Fireworks shot at protesters in thread.

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BREAKING: At around 2:30 a.m., a black Toyota rushed by Tin Shui Wai Police Station and shot multiple rounds of FIREWORKS at protesters outside. Numerous injuries reported. This is undoubtedly yet another terrorist attack in .

BREAKING: Air Force Base outside of Colorado Springs is being told to shelter in place. The base tweeted all personnel near the commissary should take shelter. The entry gates are also temporarily closed. No word on why the warning was issued.

Surprised? You carry a GPS beacon in your pocket

“Satellites are starting to watch your every move” cnet.com/news/satellites-are-s

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