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I will DIY the Pixel install

I will buy the Embassy OS appliance because it does pay the DEVs

Looks like some more information on coming in. It's worse than I thought...

Vultures moaning a funeral dirge
Walls await to cradle you and rip your soul apart
Incessant screams echoes through the maze
Insanity approaches - imminent demise

@MSP_SMIMSA @Johncdvorak @adam

and who's "my" ? because if you're swapping fluids with this person, you have the bioweapon in your body too, now.

and you can't get rid of it, with ivermectin. it's all up in your dna at this point.

sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

@mrman @MSP_SMIMSA looks to be run by a satanist new ager, using divination and other such crap.

they are VERY (99% likely) that they are demon possessed, but dont take my word for it.

i hear you can just use the iver from amazon and interpret the dose. but again dont take my word for it.

@MSP_SMIMSA ever since i first heard about that guy i knew it's a lemon lol

Hello Gitmo-nation from Dry Prong.

Where are you from?

(answer in comments please)


Iran deploys female special forces to quell antigovernmental protests.

Elite commando unit dispatched for first time after unprecedented demonstrations broke out over Mahsa Amini's beating death by the morality police over a hijab violation.

@Johncdvorak clearly, it's an abomination of the worst kind.

a sigil of the damned.

good evenin' John. :^)

Moment of horror and TWEET of the month. Where is the video??

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