" Get vaccinated please because vaccinations work and get boosted" because the vaccines work yep

I am looking for a doctor in Cleveland, OH or over telehealth that will give me a medical exemption for the vaccine. I need it for a work trip, I will not take the vaccine because of an immune issue. Anyone know anyone that can help?


yahoo.com/news/heres-scientist huh? but that part about not cooling the planet does give credence to the idea that it is not a volcano also why are they still considered a news source?

amac.us/bidens-trail-of-covid- The interesting bit is where the FDA votes against boosters. I hope hope the people who voted no are very careful when they cross the street.

yahoo.com/news/king-florida-te hehe I'm pretty sure that Ron DeSantis is no ones acolyte no one is perfect but he is doing a good job keeping Florida sane

Barneslawllp.com They are a little swamped right now but they are willing to help with referrals and childrens health defense they may not be able to help but they can point you to some one who is willing to take on the case karma

My morning is complete after @Johncdvorak mentions Red Dead Redemption.

For what it's worth, the train robbing scene early in the storyline of the game is lifted almost directly from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Nothing new under the sun!

The medical mandate explicitly states that you have to grant religious and medical exemptions

Pantry's full moon's showing at 5 pm and car windshields are covered all set for the snow I donate and the list is done

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